Discussion: Should Authors be Able to Express their beliefs in their stories

It really depends on the intent of the author, and how they choose to present the topic.

I don’t like people who get preachy, or only show their opposition as ignorant strawmen.

If people can’t show a mature depiction of their opposition, or only show simple black -and- white views on a subject, I’m going to assume they don’t really understand their opponents argument… which, if that’s the case, doesn’t really make them qualified to debate.

It’s fine if its just a silly story, but don’t treat your personal viewpoints like actual worldly wisdom if you can’t back it up with facts and a reasonably thought out argument.


I think Episode authors have a responsibility to provide content that doesn’t shame others or incite any kind of unwarranted hatred.

Yes, they have their freedom of speech, but Episode is a platform with regulations and authors should respect their rules or else bear the consequences.