Discussion: Should every story’s include LGBTQ+

Should every story include LGBTQ :rainbow_flag:?

I really wanna hear your guy’s opinion?


I mean, it really is up to the author to decide whether he or she wants to or don’t want to include LGBT+ in their story. If LGBT+ isn’t really the focus of the story, then don’t include it. If you have LGBT+ characters, and you represent them well and correctly, then you can. But, it’s all up to the author, as long as they do research.


Definitely not. If an author doesn’t want to put in the effort to give nuance to different gender LI branches or include multiple LIs of different genders that are equally developed, I’d rather they just skip it.

Likewise if authors don’t want to develop realistic, multidimensional trans characters, they should just skip it. That being said, there aren’t many trans MCs and LIs. Usually trans characters are side characters who are there to be sassy and criticize the MCs sense of fashion.

I’d love to see nuanced LGBTQ+ representation in the platform. But if an author has an MC or LI in mind that doesn’t fit multiple genders or if they won’t correct pronoun / branch errors, they can and probably should just write the story the way they intended.


I agree with Hibiscus. Not many authors put a great amount of effort for LGBT+ characters. Whether; It’s incorrect pronouns, stereotypes of a trans and a gay character, dialogue doesn’t match the female love interest. I would love to see more LGBT+ included in stories, but no not every should include it.



Its up to the author. I dont Think its a good idea to Force lgbt into a story


Well it kinda is a good thing to have lgbtq options in a story since there are some lgbtq readers on the app too but having it on every single story? Nope
But that’s up to authors to decide.


Nah I don’t think so, because it’s gonna seem forced. Like if they don’t want to put lgbtq+ Options/characters then they shouldn’t have to especially if they aren’t going to bother to actually find the correct information and not put stuff in based on stereotypes.


I don’t think it should be required-- but I think it would be nice to show some diversity between characters.

It’s not like I would refuse to read the story if it doesn’t contain LGBTQ elements, though. <3


Like the above said, adding a character just to fit the criteria of being a part of LGBTQ+ often will feel forced and come off as a quick way to earn brownie points. More than often when an author adds a character just to have diversity rather than the character already have a purpose in the storyline, their sexuality or whatever ties them in to the aforementioned demographic ends up defining them(rather than the character as a person.)

Either way, an author shouldn’t feel forced to add in characters a part of LGBTQ+.

My two cents..

Personally, I feel changing my characters’ sexuality as I imagine in my head would feel wrong and forced? Like, when Episode purchases stories, they often tone down the skin tone and sometimes even change the sexualities/orientations of other side characters just to earn brownie points. I feel like that’s not how “diversity” should be represented.


NO! I am part of LGBTQ community and if you hear much talking about it, it gets boring yo know?