Discussion: Should parents be fined for taking their children on holiday during term time?

Not sure about the laws in other countries but in the UK, parents can now get fined for taking their children away during term time meaning each parent would have to pay around £120.

Do you think it’s a good or bad thing?

In my opinion, I support this law to a certain degree (meaning I am 50/50 about this) because education is very important and I think parents should book holidays during the holiday time such as half term (if you’re not British, teachers & students get a week off from school during October, February and May/June), Christmas, Easter and summer holiday. On the other hand, I can understand situations such as hospital appointments or going to a funeral so I don’t agree with fining parents for that. But to be honest, I wish this law start a long time ago because I really hated it when parents forced me to go to Bangladesh when I was 8 and 11 years old (I was also a baby when I went there but I had no clue about it). Trust me, I hated it there (I have already mentioned why I hate it in other threads so I’m not going to repeat myself again because so much trauma happened there).

So feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Edit: I had to edit some parts here because something didn’t make any sense. What I’m trying to say here is that parents shouldn’t be fined due to certain situations such as visiting a sick relative or a surgery in another country or any valid reason to take your kid out of school.


nah that’s just ridiculous is my eyes. maybe some family situations make it dificult for the family to go on vacation in the holidays and this is their only week where they can really be together. luckly this doesn’t happen in my country


I don’t think they should be fined, to me it just sounds dumb.


If they take their children away from school for a long time for no reason then yeah.


I don’t think it’s dumb or ridiculous. What’s dumb and ridiculous is taking your child out of school just to go on hoilday when breaks and holiday are literally there for that. Unless there is a valid reason, why would you disrupt your childs education for a holiday?
I do believe that there should be warnings given before a parent is fined though.


Fining them over visiting their sick relative is a bad idea I agree but I don’t think it’s right to make your children miss out education without letting the school know.

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A lot of parents like to take their children out from school and let them miss days of school for no valid reason making the child miss important lessons and work that has an effect on their grades but the moment their child is failing, a lot of those parents are quick to blame the teachers and say they are not teaching their children properly.
I’m not saying all parents do that, but a lot of parents do.


You hate Bangladesh? Strange.

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Exactly my point.

I can understand if the child/ren are sick then the school should be informed about this but lying about that is a really bad idea. Plus, it’s mandatory to take children to school as it’s the law.


Of course I hate it there


Is it a bad country?

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Warning is also acceptable so they don’t need to pay for the fine straight away but making them miss school for a looooong time is worst.

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I’d like to clarify a few things: personal leave does not count as a vacation in the eyes of that law. If you have a good reason and present that to the school, you’re not going to be fined and they’ll keep the confidentiality if you don’t want everyone to know about it. You can get permission to leave school for a bit even to attend a wedding if the school is ok with it.


My school gave me permission for a bunch of different things. For one, they gave me loads of time off for filming. They also pre-confirmed 2 days off with my dying friend so I could go on her Make a Wish trip before I even knew I was going. They also gave me a half day off before that so that my mum could take me out of school and explain what was happening. I’ve got 1 week off to attend an important wedding. Schools are often lenient if you have a good reason and you’re not sitting important exams any time soon.



Parents shouldn’t be fined over children missing school due to reasons such as:

  • Being sick (if it’s more than a week then they should inform the school that there might be something serious af)
  • Going through a surgery
  • Visiting a sick relative from another country which I can understand or going to a funeral

But I definitely don’t agree with parents taking their children away on holiday against their will like my parents did when I was around 8-11 years old. I don’t know where you’re from but do they allow this in your country?


Often if you confirm it with schools in Britain beforehand, they’ll give you homework to take with you if it’s a long period of time.

My school was pretty bad with that. I was filming for 20 days once and asked my teachers for school work to do during the classroom hours. No one gave me anything and I ended up having to read most of the day. By day 5, I just bought some workbooks off my own back and did those.

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I can never take my homework on holiday as I can find it difficult to concentrate. Trust me, when I went to Canada & USA for the second time, I found it very difficult to concentrate due to loud kids.

Can we all agree with this picture?

This is also the reason why I am kind of against taking your child/ren away from school during term time or taking them away against their will

Edit: My first comment didn’t make sense so I edited it.

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To me, it should be for a long period of times, my mom took me out of school before spring break because she had a trip to Thailand she had to go to. It was legit 2 or 3 days before Spring Break, and they had a fuss, I know they were doing there job.

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Was it a business trip?