Discussion: Should We Hold Authors To A Certain Standard When it Comes To Updating?

I too have felt the anticipation from waiting for episodes to be released, and one of my favorite stories only updates ever couple of months. However I have grown to be patient with the authors because I know they have lives outside of episode. Also, since I too have started writing I completely understand the time it takes to actually write an episode!
I this that many of the people asking these questions don’t write stories and haven’t learned the patience required.
How an author updates should be on their terms because if they are rushed by fans then they could easily lose motivation, and ultimately writing shouldn’t be a burden on the author.
There are some authors that write their whole story before publishing and if you don’t want to worry about all those questions you could easily write out your story first, but there are some (like me) that like releasing episodes as they finish.
I just think that people need to be patient with the author and stop bombarding them for more episodes because it’s not always about them. The author is a major factor into all this and they should be respected


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Nope! It’s a hobby for most people, not a job or chore.
I might be motivated to update frequently if it was my source of income, but it’s certainly not :woman_shrugging:
It’s hard for readers to understand though if they have never tried to publish here. No concept of just how much time and effort it truly takes until you try it yourself!

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I always direct people to my highlights and I try to be as kind as possible when people ask for updates, because I get it. But, it can certainly be frustrating when people message me with nothing else, not even a hello, just “When u gonna update.” I usually ignore those, because I don’t find it a respectful way to go about asking someone something.
I can count on one hand, luckily, the amount of people I’ve had to block due to aggressively berating me about updates.
I do make a (very small) profit writing for Episode, but honestly, that doesn’t motivate me to write more. I have a full time career, family, friends, etc. that will always come first.
I’ve never, as an avid episode reader, asked an author about updates. I love writing but like others have said, the constant asks can be super demotivating. Especially, because I have a few stories, if I update one, there’s always someone upset that I didn’t update their favourite.