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Yeah, unfortunately because I’ve experienced them🤦🏽‍♀️

Oh well I’ve never experienced that :frowning: That is why I said authors should like getting fan mail because I do. I don’t get a lot of fan mail or authors contacting me through DMs. I wouldn’t understand the struggle of answering over 100 fan mails because I’ve never experienced it​:disappointed: I don’t know why either.

I don’t even get that many and I have to admit I’ve dropped the ball a bit lol but 9 times out of 10 it’s either “c0nt1nuE” or “Your character is naked” (Stupid glitch ahahhahhaha)
I personally find it much easier to be responsive in DMs. With fanmail, you can’t actually speak to your readers. They don’t get a notification when you respond so you just have to hope they see it.

But I have seen some authors show that they have thousands that rack up really quickly and understandably, that’s really hard to get through.


I know it’s easy to say everyone should be grateful for fanmails… But the thing is that just because someone sends you a fanmail, it doesn’t actually mean it’s a fanmail. Some people get harassed and name called in their fanmails. Like, direct attacks. I don’t think anyone needs to be grateful that someone’s sent them an attack. I think everyone can say that they’re thrilled to get fanmail that are actually proper fanmails.


Clover, may I just say, of all the featured stories I think FLTL was one of the best!
I played through the different endings and I was SO proud of you for making the Stinson ending a “bad” one!


I’m just going to shamelessly share a meme I made …


Like Arden Cole :frowning: People were so vicious to her and I think that’s why she stopped writing. Which is such a shame.


I know of authors who get threats (about updating) when they post sneak peeks so they don’t even do that.

It can be overwhelming.


I see what you’re saying.

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Thank you so much!

Also @Briana_M I know you really would appreciate some fanmail, but I would be careful not to assume that authors are being ungrateful or unappreciative if they’re overwhelmed by the volume and/or content and I think that’s all we’re trying to say.


Being famous in Episode, is like being rich in Monopoly.



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Explain? :smile:
EDIT - Nevermind! My exhausted brain finally made the connection :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

If you think actual harassment isn’t bullying but disagreeing and calling out bad actions is, you need to do your research on what bullying is and think.


“Helping both sides” but hasn’t even defended @ZADDY once. Not once! But the defended the actual bully.


That’s not necessarily true. Sure a lot of popular authors can act entitled and a bit rude, but some of them actually deserve the reads they have. I’m all for helping other smaller authors, but we can’t generalise all popular authors together.


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