Discussion: Speak by J. Miley

So, @dari suggested making a thread where readers can discuss the story Speak by @J.Miley
Have you read it?
What episode are you on?
Does the story realistically portray mental health issues?
Thoughts on Liz?
Thoughts on Wes?
Thoughts on Trip?
Thoughts on Greg?

To start: Episode 1, we are introduced to Liz, Greg, and Wes. It becomes very apparent right away that Liz is not your average freshman college student. She wears long sleeved clothes and doesn’t speak.
We then meet Kim, Liz’s new roommate who seems to have a thing for Greg, Liz’s older brother. Where are Liz’s parents? Although no details are given at the time, it is apparent that Liz and Greg’s parents are dead.
Liz then runs into Wes on the way to get coffee and once realizes that she cannot speak, invites her to coffee with his friend, Hannah… or is she his girlfriend?

I thought the beginning, with Liz’s narrative of explaining why she wore long-sleeved shirts added both mystery and understanding. She obviously just wants to get through life under the radar, but of course a chance meeting changes everything.

What are your thoughts on Speak?


im sorry im just so baffled

I haven’t read Speak but it seems interesting so I’m willing to give it a try.

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Why are you baffled?

Speak is my favorite story!

I love Liz and how she progressing through the story! :sob::heart_eyes:
Wes is BAE :smirk: :heart_eyes:
Trip belongs to @sy.recommends :joy:
Greg is so funny :rofl:

Definitely worth reading! @J.Miley is super fast with writing and keeping contact with fans all the time!

NOTE: You’ll need tissues!


I really love Liz character and can’t wait to read next new chapters later!!

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What is it about Liz’s character that you love, if you don’t mind me asking? Is she realistic? Do you think she’s “weak” or strong? Do you think she will ever get to a point that she can speak in public or will she remain a prisoner of her past?

Season 2 finale is out :sob:

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I love Liz cuz I’m deaf!!

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I don’t think I’ve ever cried that much with an Episode story. Liz at the beach, the flowers… I am SO proud of Liz, but that ending. WTF. I get Trip and Sophie don’t know anything, but still. This episode was EPIC!!!


I think so too! The wedding was so beautiful :tired_face::sob: I’m so proud of Liz! I was crying like crazy…
And yes this cliffhanger killed me too…


I really feel I have to say this but in the nicest way possible.

You are the reason I have not and will probably not read anything J Miley writes :confused:

Your obsession with anything she writes (Speak in particular) is so incredibly off putting. I understand you like her stories but everywhere I looked on the old forums you were talking about it and it completely over shadows the author which is kind of unfair on her.

I’m sorry if this comes across as rude because it honestly wasn’t my intention… but it was really starting to annoy me not saying anything.

I don’t think what you’re saying is fair. I would be really happy to have fans like that.
And not giving her stories a chance it’s your loss because she is an AMAZING writer.


I do support a lot of authors as well. Perhaps if you read more posts you would see that. This thread was created on suggestion by another user. Yes, I’m a huge fan. Your loss if you choose never to read one of her stories.


Sorry for the inactivity.
Wow, Episode 63 was TENSION.
I loved it.
Episode 64…
I am a little concerned about the fact that Liz and Wes are not communicating their feelings to each other. I know Liz always tends to hide things, but I think it will only hurt their relationship in the end. Plus, Wes always knows when Liz is lying.

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On further note. Me thinks you are a troll. Not just any troll, but perhaps someone with a personal problem with the author. You have only 4 minutes of read time, on the day you made the post and only commented on this post. I have speculations, but will not make accusations.

This post is to discuss aspects of a story that many people can relate to and presents mental health in a very real, honest, and tasteful way. Perhaps if you actually read the story, you would see why people love it.

Why do you think Liz is hiding things from Wes? What would be her reasoning behind it, especially since she knows that Wes can read her like a book and knows that she is lying.

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We already know that Liz feels she is a burden to everyone. I think she tries to hide these things from Wes because she doesn’t want to burden him any more than she already feel she does. The thing is, he loves her. He would do anything for her. Her problems, fears, everything… are not a burden to him. I’m glad that Alex told Wes, I know a lot of people think it was a betrayal of trust, but he needed to know. And now, maybe Liz will see that Wes will support her decisions. Yes, Wes wants children, but he also doesn’t want to lose her. What’s more important? Kids, or his wife?

Just finished Episode 67 and all I can say is JAW DROP
Who does this bish think she is?
Gold digger, that’s what!
I don’t believe it for a second!
I worry because we didn’t see Liz’s reaction, but she’s a strong woman, she can handle this heart breaking news.

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Obsessed with Wes & Liz