Discussion: Speak by J. Miley


It’s an amazing story and it’s so intense!


@J.Miley you have freaking done it again. So intense, so emotional, so real. My heart breaks for both Wes and Liz, but also I suspect that Bree is in a desperate situation. She clearly loves her son, and it was like she was saying a final goodbye. What are you up to???
People… this story is AMAZING!!!
All in one episode I cried, laughed by head off, and was smiling from ear to ear.
Shock and Awe.


Okay, I have now thoroughly processed Episodes 69 and 70 and I think I’m ready to talk about it.
At first, I wanted to feel sorry for Bree, after the story she told, but after 70, I don’t know anymore.
Can we just say that Lindy is CUTE as a button?
Wes… can I take him home? Please?
I think Trip is finally putting the pieces together, and with Bree’s revelation at the end, I’m sure brown matter is about ready to hit the fan. Of course, Liz couldn’t think that it would all remain a secret forever, not with her husband’s status and the plans for her parents’ house.


74 and 75 have been some of the best episodes yet.
I love the Devon/Lindy scenes. I know this is building up to a sequel. Totally ship them… possibly Melon (Melinda+Devon).
Watching Wes and Liz going through the emotions of infertility is heart-wrenching. Wes worrying about Liz, Liz worrying about failure. With four embryos, I think I know where it’s going.
The Roof… The Roof… The Roof is on Fire!!!
O. M. G.
Richard actually did something GOOD for once.
Can’t say how happy I am that the snake is locked up. I just worry what long term effects this will have on William. Does Eric know who the father is? If so, what will he do?
Great Episodes @J.Miley
Definitely are one of the BEST!


I said the same thing! Rich actually did something right for once! :joy: and I’m more than happy that Lisa is locked up!

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t2: for Lizzy and Wes! We want a baby Parker :heart_eyes:


I’m confident we will have a baby Parker, I just think it’s going to be a battle to get one. The whole moral of the story is to never give up, so what good would it be if having a child was easy?


No one person is 100% evil just like no one person is 100% good.
Each character has positive and negative attributes.
They all have fatal flaws, but also redeeming qualities.
Turning Lisa in was one of Richard’s redeeming qualities (although it does not make up for all that he has done).


Does Lisa or Jeffery have any redeeming qualities? I see them simply as pure evil.
I know everything will be okay, but damn, you pulling at my heart strings with giving Wes and Liz the impossible choice. Who could make that decision? Obviously, that is why there is the fight, because it is the impossible choice. There is no black and white, Each side has an argument, but I think Wes will give in, because I don’t think even he really wants to give up.


If you look at things from Jeffery’s perspective…
He worked hard to support his family (albeit illegally)
Greg took him away from his family, which caused them to struggle.
He lost his wife, and never got to say good-bye.
Because he wasn’t there, and because she did it due to feelings of public disgrace and unable to support her family, Jeffery blames Greg.
Jeffery is motivated by family.

Lisa grew up having everything given to her by parents (especially a father) who never told her no.
Everything was handed to her, and she is used to getting what she wants.
Obviously, Wesley was a relationship of convenience, probably something her daddy pushed for status.
Even though she cheated on Wes, she wanted to be his trophy wife, exploiting his status and money.
I don’t know if I would say she has any “redeeming” qualities, other than the fact that she is the direct product of her upbringing.

The impossible choice.
I wanted it to be an impossible choice.
I knew most people would ultimately side with Liz, but I had hoped that people saw why Wes reacted how he did. It is a very sensitive issue, but there are always grey areas in almost every controversial topic (why they are controversial). Both have valid points and are driven by their own fears.
On who will give in…
If Liz gives in… could she ever forgive Wes OR herself?
If Wes gives in… could he ever forgive himself should the worst happen?
What about Devon?


I can see where Jeffery can be the way he is, especially since what he was doing was illegal in the first place.
Lisa has no excuse. She may have been given everything she wants growing up, but that does not excuse her malice towards Liz.
If Liz gives in, it will crush her. It’s not a matter of if she could forgive Wes or not, I don’t think she would ever recover. She has come too far to fall all the way back to ground zero. This would be your most evil act ever, for Liz to give in.
If Wes gives in and the worst happens, once again, I don’t think you’re that cruel. If you are that cruel, Wes would essentially become like Liz at the beginning, broken and lost.
Devon. I don’t want to think about Devon. Devon would be like Wes, broken.
I don’t think any of them would recover if the best outcome does not happen.
Liz wins and she’s right.


Speak is one of my favourite stories, and I really hope it becomes a book one day because I would read the hell out of that. Everything about it is just amazing, J. Miley is such a talented author. Just thinking about all the progress Liz has made through the story warms my heart and makes me want to cry. The character development, plot, backstory… Everything is just outstanding.


Speak is really a favorite of mine, while I do have other faves Speak stands out the most. I do have hopes for it to become a book series, but with three books to represent the season. It can actually help break the stigma people might have about those with mental health and illnesses. Since all we see are poorly represented characters in stories with mental illnesses and often-times they are portrayed as “crazy” or “unstabled”. It’s time I to have a story where it can break the stigma of mental illnesses and health.

J.Miley is a talented author, even I loved how she had the characters represents people in her life, Greg, Wesley, Hannah, Doc, and Devon represents the postives in her life and three people represent the negatives in her life. Richard, Lindsey and Jeffrey represent those who were the negatives in her life.

The character development, plot, the backstory, everything is outstanding in Speak. That’s what I enjoy the story, by watching a character in her darkest moments and walking out to the light knowing someone is there to help her.


I can’t believe there are only two episodes left. There has never been a story that has made me laugh, ugly cry, happy sappy cry, or want to throw my phone across the room more than Speak.
@J.Miley you have a unique talent to pull every kind of emotion from your readers.
Watching Liz go from being a broken girl to a confident girl who let’s no one stand in her way has been simply amazing.
Each set back, each stumble. only made her stronger. You once said that each obstacle was kindling to the fire that raged inside.
That fire is now burning bright.
Thank you for sharing this amazing story.
If anyone has not read Speak, you have no idea what you are missing.
Drama, romance, comedy, thriller, mystery, and action all rolled into one.
I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.


I can’t!
It’s over.
It’s really over.
But not really.
That episode.
That trailer for the sequel.
Hands down best story on Episode


Yeah!! Can’t wait for her next story later!! Really love Speak!!


I’m truly devastated that it’s finished :sob:
I cried like a baby!
This story is absolutely beautiful!
So serious, so funny, so sad, so happy, so shocking…

THANK YOU @J.Miley :heart:

We will still love it! We will still share it!

Can’t wait for Silence!


You all flatter me too much!
Thank you so much for supporting on my journey.
I would say sorry for the tears… but I really am not sorry.


So freaking close to a million reads and this story deserves MILLIONS of reads.
I have never read anything so real, honest, and beautiful.
You show mental illness for what it really is. It is neither glamorized nor romanticized.
While some people may not appreciate the slow progression of recovery, it is realistic and does not give false promises that love magically fixes your problems, yet also gives hope to those who are struggling for recovery.
Thank you so much and I can’t wait to read future stories.


Congratulations to @J.Miley for reaching 1M reads in total!

Speak is only 18 thousand-ish away from reaching 1M! Let’s bump this thread for more people to see and read! :blush:



Congrats on 1 Million Reads

You deserve SO much more.

Speak has to be the most amazing and inspiring story I have ever read!!!