DISCUSSION : Stories and the Fan Mail that comes with them

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1. Why do you think people send fan mail?
Mostly because they want to let the author know they appreciate their story.

2. Are there different types of fan mail. 2a. Hate mail? Love Mail? Suggestion mail?
These 3, plus the questions like “Where is cc”, When do you update?”, “Why is this so short”, “Is XY a love interest?” etc.

3. Why do you think Episode included Fan Mail in the first place.
Because this way authors can interact with their readers even if they don’t have Instagram.

4. On a scale 1 to 10, 10 being 100% of the time, how often should a writer listen to fan mail?
Maybe 5. I think authors should decide themselves how to develop their story line, whether they would like to include CC/music/a lot of choices or love interests. But they should listen to their fans when they point out things in directing, grammar or about the length of the story. To be honest I’m always too stubborn to accept I’m not right, but when I received many fan mail stating my episodes were too short, I realized I might have been wrong.

5. What are the benefits of Fan mail?
The interaction between reader and writer and the motivation what the author can gain from it.

6. What are the disadvantages of fanmail?
Unfortunately there are some readers who send hate mail without any constructive criticism. I don’t see why anyone would do this, but apparently some people like offending others for no reason.

7. Why do you write fan mail?
I only write fan mail when I’m really impressed by a story. Earlier I sent a few fan mails to popular authors, but since they never replied I figured they didn’t need my support, they already knew that their story was good. Recently I started to send fan mail to smaller authors in order to encourage them to keep writing. I know it feels good to receive some positive feedback when you don’t get dozens every day.

8. Why do you think authors turn off fan mail?
I think popular authors tend to turn off their fan mail because they keep receiving the same questions over and over again, which gets exhausting after a while. The other reason what I can imagine is receiving many negative feedback. If all my fan mail was like “your story is trash”, I would definitely turn it off, and I would probably stop writing.

Oh, I am curious as well. When you get fanmail, do you 100% of the time reply to them?