DISCUSSION : Stories in the Latest Contest (H & V)

I haven’t read any stories because my phone broke :frowning:

That scene stuck in my head too! Loved the splash. It was so beautifully done :heart:

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Is anyone else super paranoid that the results aren’t up yet…

EDIT : I know they say 3 - 4 - wait has it only been two??

EDIT : Contest ended on the 28th of March

EDIT : the 4th would of been one week.

EDIT : the 11th would of been two

EDIT : Oh lmao never mind this comment.


Yeah… :joy:
They could be out any time from today onwards… which doesn’t make me paranoid, but it does make me nervous!

Why do you think creators chose to participate in this contest? I personally feel this is a fun theme and a little different from certain other themes and if you like using and animating overlays, it can be fun.
Why do you think Episode picked this theme? **This theme is very popular now. Look at tv shows and movies. There are a lot on this topic. **
Do you notice any trends in the stories?
3a. Play as hero, play as villain, pick hero or villain. Generally, you are the hero or villain, but I like the type of story where your fate is unknown and you can make the choices to be a hero or villain.
Is this theme too ‘restricted?’ In some ways yes. Most stories are true superhero stories but I like the variations that make the heroes like the type of characters from fairytales or folk legends or real life heroes.
4a. Like, love is more general. Whereas Hero & Villains is more specific.
Is it unfair that more famous authors have a higher chance of winning? That is always a possibly but that doesn’t mean it will always happen. I have seen a number of not popular authors winning as well.
Who do you think the audience is with this theme? If you are creative you can attract different types of audiences. If you chose one of the type of themes I mentioned above you could attract fantasy and drama fans too. The most common stories would attract people who like action and mystery and thrillers and adventure.
6a. ‘Spring Fling’ is obviously a romance genre, does H & V necessarily mean adventure? It can be Adventure. It depends what kind of genre and plot the author decides to use.
Is there any directing style that just blew you away? Some authors are so impressive with their animated overlays. I was so amazed.
How many stories, do you think, should be on the shelf as winners? **I have seen more than that amount that deserve to win.**8a. Usually it’s 6 - 9 stories on the winning shelf. Should there be more? Less?

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My guess is this week’s shelf will be for the winners.

do you think that episode rightly prepared for the contest (like by releasing enough costumes, overlays, backgrounds?)

Probably this week or next week.

I think only for people who used LL and that is not fair.

I agree that big authors do deserve a spot on the winning shelf as their stories are just great, there is no denying it, however, I believe that the contests would really benefit if they separated stories with over 1K and under 1K reads. I believe it would just be more fair. Thus, the popular authors will get their well-deserved place in the spotlight and small emerging authors will also get a chance to be featured.

That’s why I actually started a petition: FEATURE: supporting small authors discussion

Please, sign it if you agree with it. It would also really help if you could spread the word. Thank you very much for your attention.


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I must note that, IMHO, not all the selected stories were great. Some of them were just popular, but nowhere near to great, yet tastes differ :slight_smile: And fortunatelly it is not allowed to give specific examples in this topic, so it will restrain me of saying some really unnecessary things. The spotlight is a big enough thing, so let’s create such conditions in which story quality will be in the first place, but not just the conjuncture.


I would rather you do so. How about, you say a story that should of been on the shelf, & why. (you can use the name for that one if you’d like) and give a reason why it topped ‘quality’ of another story.

If you are comfortable.

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You were right.

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Educated guess :wink: Plus @/episodecreators on Instagram have been posting about shelf themes. Last week’s had to be the male leads, since they asked for suggestions a couple weeks ago. The week before was always going to be monthly picks. Next week’s will likely be short stories.

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#confirmed EliseC knows the future


That makes sense. Thank you.

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I just want to say that the latest contest I entered (Summer Fling, 2016) I didn’t win that one. I have entered three contests and won two of them but the latest one, where I had more followers and readers than the first and second time I entered, it didn’t win. So, I don’t think the numbers of followers or reads really matters if the retention isn’t good. Obviously, it didn’t help me, lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: