DISCUSSION : Stories in two Styles

I’m not talking like abuse of the glitch, I’m talking where people make an exact copy of their INK story and make it Limelight. It’s been suggested that well, I do this. And at some level, it does make sense.

  1. Why do you think authors started to write in two styles?
  2. What are the benefits of writing in two styles.
    2a. Can it be, in some manner, a cheap way to get more reads?
  3. Would you consider this for your stories?
  4. (Optional : Insert your own question here to answer, and I will answer it as well <3)


Just had to say that before I get to the questions…

Why do you think authors started to write in two styles?
I think there’s a few reasons…

  1. Because there’s a lot of readers who dead set will not read a certain style. I’ll admit that I won’t read anything in Classic because I hate that style. So I know a few in classic or ink that are re-doing it in limelight, because it’s what the people want.
  2. It helps them get more overall reads in a lot less time that it would if they wrote a whole new story. This sort of links to my first point. If there’s a popular classic story out there, but the reads are starting to dwindle with the newer styles being popular, the author makes a limelight version and bam! They’ve got double the reads and all they would have to do is copy and past the original script and just change a few animations that didn’t convert over.
  3. Also, it could just be if the story wasn’t popular and the author thinks the reason is because there using an outdated style, they might put it out there to see if another style works better for them.

What are the benefits of writing in two styles.
Double the reads without double the effort.

2a. Can it be, in some manner, a cheap way to get more reads?
In my opinion, yes. It’s sort of like cheating the system… I guess that just depends on the motivation behind it though.

Would you consider this for your stories?
No. I get sick of reading/testing my own episodes enough as it is. Don’t need to add a double up in a different style into the mix.


your reasoning for not wanting to do your own stories made me laughs because I didn’t think of that - and it’s totally true xD xD

Have you ever seen a story in all three styles?

true, it would take alot of work to copy outfits & characters over (eh but at least you have the coding done hahaha)

Do people complain to you alot about the style it’s in?

Bahaha! Glad I made you laugh :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Another reason I’d never do it is because on the occasion that someone looks at my profile, I’d like my stories section to look diverse and like I’ve got a good variety of different genre of stories.

I haven’t seen any across all three styles, but I know of a few that are across two styles.

I haven’t read The Lovely One, but I’ve seen there’s like four different versions or something like that… I think there’s 2 books with two different styles and then also a version with both seasons and a version with season 1 and a version with season 2.

And I know Becoming Queen Bee came out in limelight as well as ink. I’m pretty sure people were mad because both versions were at the top of different categories (Romance and Comedy), which is probably why I first said it was like cheating the system. But they’re both in the same category now anyway.

And I think Dripping Mascara is going to be coming out in limelight too.

  1. To try Limelight out, I’d assume (hell, it was my reason)
  2. I’m going to have get back to you on that.
    2a. In some cases, absolutely.
  3. Well, I’ve done it, so yes. I’m not doing it for every one of my stories, however (it’s too much of a pain).

what did you find the most difficult with transferring stories over to a new style?

Dressing tomboy(-ish) characters, myself included.


Why do you think authors started to write in two styles?
Because, they wanted to appeal to all of their readers - some don’t like reading in LL, or INK, or Classic, so… you know.

What are the benefits of writing in two styles.
I don’t see too many benefits, other than more readers because of a wider audience.

Can it be, in some manner, a cheap way to get more reads?
Yes. For sure. I think that’s mostly the point, isn’t it?

Would you consider this for your stories?
Not so much. I really enjoy the style of LL, and, in some cases, it has clothing that is required for my story to work.

IMO, authors can do whatever they want with their story. If they want to remake it in another style, it’s not my problem - it’s their choice. Making the story the exact same seems a little redundant to me, though.
Take the story, Dark Dreams, for example. The LL one is HELL of a lot different, giving me a reason to read it and enjoy it from a new light. That’s a good example.

However, it does get annoying when I see the #1 and #2 spots of the Comedy category be taken by Becoming Queen Bee. It pisses me off because, save for a few lines (as far as I’ve read), THEY’RE EXACTLY THE SAME! I know it isn’t the author’s fault. It just… seems unfair for the other authors in the category.


I have also noticed that the Queen Bee story is in the top of the comedy section for several months now, however, there’s not much that can be changed about that.

What if, the two stories had the same plot, but different scene order? :smiley:

bump ? ~

There are some authors who will eventually remake the first ever story they made on Episode years ago because the story means a lot to them, but also they know they’ve improved a lot since then in both directing and writing, and instead of editing the original, they choose to remake it in a newer style. This makes a lot of sense for stories in Classic because Classic has a lot of limitations.

I know some people would be like, “Well, why not just edit the original then?!”
But when you’ve improved your writing to a certain point, it is actually easier to start from scratch than fix something broke (and a lot of novelists do this with their first draft and their final copy too).


huh, I never thought of it like that. Good point

I mean, there’s probably also a lot of people who do it now because they think it’s trendy, and they’ve seen their favorite authors doing it. But you can usually tell when an author is just doing it for reads and when they sincerely want to rework an old story that they loved, but think deserves better now that they’ve evolved themselves.

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I agree that this is indeed a cheap way of getting reads, but what annoys me the most about Becoming Queen Bee taking 2 spots at the top of Comedy section, is that the story is not even funny, and should be in Romance or Drama genre…

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  1. Because some people most likely refuse to read in a certain style so they adapt as they go on to give people options.
  2. The benefits must be just to get more reads as many have said
    2A. Yep for sure.
  3. I personally don’t see the point of re writing the story. But I guess if it works for some people who am I to judge?
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Why do you think people refuse to read a certain style?

OOOF My turn hahahah

  1. I believe authors started writing it in two styles because some readers prefer one style over another. I also think that this is a good way to start learning the ‘new’ style when Limelight came out.

  2. I think writing in two style gains you more readers, expanding your audience as well. I understand it’s a cheap way to get more reads, but I personally want to use it because it’s efficient.

  3. Oh yeahhh I’m so doing this. Backstory :


I got pretty tired of hitting the line limit, so I decided to split my story into two. (male & female). I could redo some things I disliked. I can’t redo the story because of the ‘gains’, plus I would be changing so many scenes that my readers would have to re-read the whole story. I don’t want to do that to them xD — then episode releases this line increase and I scream. Like first I was irritated that like they just now release it because I planned the rest of my story to be ‘short’ so I don’t hit the damn line limit. Like freaking triggered. Then I thought about it . . . in those two split stories - I can include gem choices and never hit the line limit. Like I can include so many - so very many - choices. Like in five months, I went from ‘I can do choices and some gotos’ to ‘expert coder (okay, I’m still learning overlays)’ 12 plot lines aren’t a challenge for me.

So, short version is I already planned to split my limelight story into Male / Female, so I thought about it. I can do INK as well. Four splits? I’m down. I wouldn’t be doing it as much for reads, but more for readers. If I can get more loyal readers, they can read my other lesser - known stories. If I get more readers who share my story, I can pull in even more readers.

I just keep typing away don’t I? My story audience already appeals to limelight - fantasy - magic - non romancer needer lovers - both genders - all sexualities . But if I can increase that to ink - fantasy - magic - (pick if you want romance) - both gender - all sexuality, that’s like a whole punch of new readers.

I think i’m done typing . . .


Not sure. But I know some people that won’t read limelight stories or classic stories just cause they don’t like how the characters look.
I personally don’t care for the style tho

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I didn’t find it all that funny. But I don’t usually find most Episode stories funny anyways, though.

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