DISCUSSION : Stories in two Styles


Not sure. But I know some people that won’t read limelight stories or classic stories just cause they don’t like how the characters look.
I personally don’t care for the style tho


I didn’t find it all that funny. But I don’t usually find most Episode stories funny anyways, though.


My answer is pretty simple to these questions, but it’s because I personally wanted to for my stories lol.

Some stories I like better in certain styles or I personally would like to revamp them. While some may do it for reads, there’s many that personally just wanted too.


Want to give an example on a story that looks better in one style compared to another?


Ok, counter question for you then…

Is it easier for you to write the second style of your story because you’ve already written it out once before? Or does changing the animations, the coding to get gem choices, and then adding in all the extra choices make it extra work?


I think it’s so people who prefer LL or INK can both enjoy the same story


I enjoyed the story, but the comedy bits are out weighed by the drama and romance so that story is mislabeled


Yeah, I’m not saying either that the story is bad, but I would expect a comedy to be ranked 1rst and 2nd in Comedy. @thesoulpunk is right that most of the stories are not funny, but there are a very few that could be there instead.


I know I was agreeing. If I sounded hostile I apologize.


I understand and it didn’t sound hostile at all :slight_smile:
I just wanted to clarify that I neither, wouldn’t have any problem with that story if it was in the right genre.


Hmm, I’d say it’s the same amount of work. It’s not really typing that takes so long, it’s redoing - characters and spotting (as INK to Limelight has different heights.)


another discussion bump ~

  1. Why do you think authors started to write in two styles?
    I think in a lot of cases, the INK version was already out so then maybe the authors felt that they’d “test” out LL with a story that’s already existing.
    Some authors may also not know which style to go with, so they might just decide to use both and see which does better :rofl:

  2. What are the benefits of writing in two styles.
    Appeals to a broader range of people. Some people really don’t like LL right now, so this way they can still read the story. Of course, some people may read both versions of the story which equals nearly twice as many reads.
    Also, the story is already written. Even though you may need to tweak the directing, the bulk of the actual story is already done.

2a. Can it be, in some manner, a cheap way to get more reads?
Maybe? Personally, I’m not the kind of person to read a story twice. So unless I was told that there were significant differences, I wouldn’t read the story in both styles. I’m sure there are a lot of people who will, though. I wouldn’t be surprised if most people who are reading Chain Reaction (LL) read the original.

  1. Would you consider this for your stories?
    I’m redoing my spotlight story in the cinematic style, but I think that’s a bit different lol. There’s one story I might consider revamping (in which case I’d do it in LL since it’s already in INK), but apart from that, no. I won’t be releasing any story in both styles lol. It already feels tedious enough turning my spotlight story into a cinematic one :rofl:.


Bumping because low key I just got a fanmail, which was like Alexandra :heart:️ asks: NO! I was hoping this story was gonna be in INK. I was so looking forward to reading this too! ughhhh whyyy :sob:

These people exist


What was your response?


I know authors that decided to rewrite a story in a different style not only to update the style but also like revamping the story. Some people prefer Ink, some Classic, some Limelight. It appeals to all audiences and gains readers.


I really wanted to say, ‘INK is dying, deal with it. You are missing out on so many stories, and not just mine, because you are refusing to read limelight.’

but I replied “Oh well. Thanks for checking out my story anyway ^-^ 7.7.18”