Discussion: Stories Involving Athletes



After years of being a part of the Episode community, I can say that I’ve never seen a story about athletes, or even any story that briefly focuses on/discusses any issues an athlete might have. A little bit about me, I’m a hockey goaltender playing at the highest level possible for my age group. This year is when university scouts are able to contact me and when I begin negotiating athletic scholarships. I’ve been an athlete all my life and I believe that I have quite a bit of knowledge on the issues athletes experience.

This ranges from pressure to perform well so enormous that you vomit before games, health issues like Female Athlete Triad (or any one of the three disorders involved), difficulties with time management (between school, work, games, practices, workouts, social life, homework, travel, other extracurriculars… it gets crazy), intense competition, deciding on which university/college is best for you on top of considering athletic scholarship offers, and any drama within the team. I think some good stories and plots could come out of the issues athletes experience, or even just adding an athletic character who deals with any of these issues.

So I want to know, what do you think? Considering I only play one sport, what are some issues athletes from other sports experience that I may have missed? Are you an athlete, and if so what sport? Anything to add? Does anybody know some good stories revolving around athletes, or are you writing one? I’d love to hear everyone’s opinion!