DISCUSSION: Stories That Violate Guidelines


Write to them tomorrow again. That’s what I did. They did the same to me and didn’t take my story down once I fixed what had to be fixed. They took about 2 days to respond but they can take up to 3 days.


Thank you for the solace :sweat: You’re right about the tickets- it all depends. I’m just hoping that this is true:


@Maria.StoryWritter By “write to them”, do you mean send a ticket? Or respond to the email again? Either way, I’ll definitely be doing something tomorrow if I don’t hear from them (just to be 100% sure) :sweat_smile:


I had to wait for a new background to be approved (and that definitely took longer than 2 days lol) but since I responded within that time period they were fine with it. They also took over a day to get back to me after I responded the first time.


Respond to the email.


I don’t think you should worry about this after 3 hours :slight_smile: They surely have a lot of “issues” going on and also I don’t know where you live, but when I reply to the support team I usually receive the feedback only the following day, probably because of the different time zones.
I see that you posted this 16 hours ago, so if you still haven’t received any reply and this makes you anxious, I think it’s completely fine to write another mail asking if they received the previous one, just to be sure.


I’m shocked by this one day, especially as you had many scenes to revise. A few months ago I was asked to fix only one short scene and I got 3 days…
Did you manage to finish everything on time?


I did. ^-^


They replied to me this morning; I’m in the clear :raised_hands:

That was so scary though hahaa, I went to sleep preparing for the worst :joy: