DISCUSSION : Stories with Male Protagonists

i think it would be super hard, because you need to have 2 sides to the story with the female and male main character

The medieval kingdom one sounds really fun.

I always wanted to create one lol

I’m not sure when it will be published, because I have schoolwork to do and I’m also writing a contest entry - but like I said before, I’m very excited about it and hope I can have the motivation to get it published in the next month or two.
As for names, it’ll either be ‘Teen Idle,’ or ‘The 505,’ though neither of those are concrete.

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Thanks! I’m hoping it’ll be up soon. c:

That’s okay. I know it’s hard to keep up with Episode and school. (Can’t wait to read it :smile: :slight_smile:

Thank you! :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Hi !

Can you think of a story in which there is no possible way a male protagonist would work?

How would you like a story to correctly represent a male? (Like his personality and such.)

Why haven’t you?

  1. I believe authors starting adding the option to play as male so they can attract a wider or different audience.

  2. I prefer to play as a male.

  3. I would say yes and no. You can tell if the story was designed for a female protagonist, especially if they change very little of the dialog.

  4. I think most stories should. Even if you personally don’t think a boy wants to read a romance story, doesn’t mean a girl doesn’t want to play as a male or a male wants to read a romance story.

  5. Benefits would be more readers, more unique story. A disadvantage is the increase of coding.

  6. I would agree with above, as the male persona is usually represented as a bad person until you meet ‘the one’ /// I think they should, I mean why not. What’s the worst that could happen… we could low key write it… Fallen…

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Hm, not really. I think most stories would be interesting from a male point of view as well, it’s only a question of writing if it works or not. I mean I’ve seen really cute love stories on the app, but if you asked me to write one, it would be worse than you could imagine. I’m pretty sure I would unintentionally make it a parody, because I’m just not the romantic kind.
So I think any story plot from any perspective can be good if the author chooses what he or she is good at. But the same story can be super bad if the author can’t portray the characters - especially the MC - in a proper way.


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