DISCUSSION: Stories With Tragic Endings

I hope this isn’t a repeat of another topic…

So, as the title suggests – what are your thoughts on the stories with tragic endings?

I personally feel that there should be more stories which have a sad kind of ending. It gives it more of a realistic touch because as you already know, not everything in life is happily ever after.

The MC doesn’t always has to get her love interest in high school from the back stabbing mean girl and live with him together and forever.

The MC doesn’t always has to get together with the handsome crime lord/mafia boss/gangster and get away without the police or the Feds catching them.

The MC doesn’t always has to get pregnant without fearing for miscarriage or the evil and judgemental eyes of the society and deliver her infant in peace.

Is that all our stories have to offer us? With everything positive and happiness in the end?

I know people read stories on Episode and other story platforms for escapism from the real life. But still – isn’t it weird that most of the stories have a happy ending?

What if the MC loses her The One to cancer and lives alone forever, mourning the loss of her loved one?

What if the handsome gangster dude gets imprisoned for life or gets some death penalty kind of thing to atone for his crimes and the MC has to deal with him being gone?

What if the MC (who is a princess or a Queen), who has lost her kingdom in the end to the enemy, loses her glory, wealth and power and succumbs to poverty and desolation?

Thus being said – I would love to read some stories which have sad or even neutral endings! I’m dead tired of all this happiness-ever-after crap :sleepy:


I 100% agree.
I wrote a story where not all ships or happy endings occur and man, it ended months ago. I still get hate mail but you know what? Life isn’t all rainbows and sprinkles. We need more of it on episode.


I thought I was the only one who thought this. I acc hate happy endings like boiiiii where’s the suspense at? :rofl:

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I would love a tragic ending (okay now I sound evil :flushed:)

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I am writing a story on episode and manuscript and the ending of it is tragic


The first story is

It’s coming out within the next few months

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Yes sad ending Always leaves a lasting impression


Yes! Happy-ever-after endings are rarely ever fulfilling because, deep down, we all know it’s all downhill from there :’) There’s beauty in tragedy, and while there’s a diverse variety, there’s usually a lesson to be learned, an artistic aspect, and room for hope. On that note, the most important part of any end is adequate build-up and payoff. Some tragic ends are just that; tragic, haha


I totally agree, it makes for a more interesting plot if the writer wants to make a sequel or continue the story, they’d be able to portray how they cope with their struggles, I hate when a plot line is all about getting a guy to like you. Things don’t always work out and if they did stories wouldn’t be that interesting. Know what I’m sayin?

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I love love loveeeee stories with tragic endings, it makes it feel more realistic instead of reading about that same type of endings, on how they love interest gets married etc etc. There’s really not many stories with tragic endings,- they’re also a lottt of fun to write. People needa make more non happy story endings.


I love stories with tragic endings and killing off my characters because I’m evil

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I love stories with a poetic ending. Like the protagonist works their whole life towards a goal, for example wanting to reunite with their sibling that was kidnapped/stolen. They go through hell, making friends and enemies. They meet people who need help, and people who just want to get in their way. Yet the protagonist keeps going, defeating these enemies and building up allies right up until the end… where the sibling lies in a grave. The protagonist is reunited with their sibling, but they spent so long worrying about their own enemies that they lost what they were truly reaching for, and now it’s too late.

Pretty dark but I’m a sucker for tragic/poetic endings :joy:


Wow!!!I’d love to see that!!!


I’d love to see those kind of stories, It would make the story more realistic!

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damn that would be so goooooood


I love it! My new story was originally supposed to end in a very tragic way, but when I wrote it I realized it might be too upsetting for some readers, so I did another ending which is happier. So my story now have two endings (no spoilers ;)) one of them is(very) tragic and the other is not really tragic. (It depends on the reader’s choices, that’s the reason why I don’t show them how many points they have) and the tragic ending was more emotional for me to write and I like it better than the other.


I personally like tragic endings because it’s realistic. These type of endings break my heart sometimes, but tragic conclusions are always the most memorable ones. Happy endings are common. Sad endings - not so much.

At the end of the day, I still prefer cliffhanger endings. It gives me a suspense vibe, always wondering what will happen next. The best part is, I will never know what’s going to happen next, making me want more of the story.


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