Discussion: Story Introductions. ☀

Hello guys! I created this thread to see everyone’s preferences regarding story intros.
For example there are authors who show the MC in a very difficult situation which leads the readers to keep reading to find out what’s happening!
Others have a funny intro which makes the readers enjoy the jokes and have a good laugh!
So I wanna know what are your preferences about this! What do you like in intros and what do you dislike?
Have a good day/night! :hibiscus:


I like it when the story starts with action, like a scene where the character is and after we go back to see what he did to get in that situation. Or whatever action the author can think of such as some dialogue. It’s also good when it starts with a flashback.
What I hate is when the character wakes up to go to school or whatever important event they have. In addition I hate when they just introduce themselves in front of a mirror.


I love that one

I also like it when it’s “aesthetically” pleasing, for example, adequate filters with the necessary zooms. Narrator explaining some things, or at least saying some nice quotes (that obviously have to do with the story)


Oh yeah I love that. And maybe some riddle for the ending.


“Hello, I’m Marian. I’m 17 years old, I’m a normal girl. And I love cookies, dogs, horses (inserts endless list). But my life turned upside down when I met HIM. Keep on reading to find out”



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It sort of depends, like if your doing something like a thriller or a mystery, action at the very beginning is a good hook. Sometimes something more generic suits it, if it’s not an action packed story.


I like introductions like “show, don’t tell”, because I hate when the MC narrates for 30s or the writer shows up as their own character to explain things. I think it should be something that keeps the reader interested but also helps learning more about who the MC is (personality, career, etc.) without it being all narration. For me there needs to be a reason the story is starting there, if not it just feels like there was no planning and the writer just didn’t know how to kick off the story.


I like intros where the storyline is shown more instead of a black screen that is shown for most of the time. Absolutely do not like intros where the MC walks in, stays still in one position without talking and introduces herself and that only occupies like half of the chapter, or the author coming in and dancing and doing some nonsense or the author coming and telling the MC’s past instead of MC showing it herself. (I have read a story where the author literally tells the whole MC’s storyline herself) Also do not like only customization chapter!


I don’t really like when the story starts with a later plot point or ‘cliffhanger’. I think it’s just so cliché (but of course it can be done good). I also don’t like very much narrations, when we see black screen or the MC’s face with one animation for 10 minutes. It’s so boring, when the first half of the episode is just introducing, or we get the whole life story of the MC! I mean if something is plot-related, there’s many other ways to show it and if not, it’s just not necessary to add.

Oh well this went really negative. :sweat_smile: I think the best when you just start straight the story without narration/random thoughts about ‘the meaning of life’ or at least with only minimum narration.


I like:

  • When the story starts with a scene where we get to see the MC’s personality, instead of having it explained to us.
  • A story starting in the past, but later jumping to the present time in the same episode
  • Stories that start in the middle of action

I’m fine with:

  • Character customization at the beginning, because some readers might prefer to choose what the character looks like before starting the story.

I hate:

  • The author appearing on a black screen to apologize for this being their first story.
  • ‘Spoiler’ flash-forward scenes, where the narrator is all, “I bet you’re wondering how I got into this situation. Well, it all happened two months ago…”
  • The MC pausing on a character and telling us their whole life story. “This is Emma. She and I have been best friends for 7 years. She’s a good friend, but she doesn’t know how to keep secrets. She loves pizza more than life.” That can be explained through dialogues.
  • The author or MC explaining the plot of the story.,


I like/love =

  • Starts with a flash to the future then goes back into the past to start the story (BUT…I don’t like the ‘Well, it all started blah blah blah time ago’ because it’s overused)

  • When the MC shows (not tells) parts of their past via flashbacks or something similar

I dislike/hate =

  • Starting with a black screen and being told areas of the story that could have just been shown
  • The author showing up. I just can’t be bothered to read through the author’s few minute long speech about how they apologise for any grammatical errors, use the ‘it’s my 1st story’ excuse, directing errors etc…
  • Starting on a daily activity for no reason (waking up/going to school)

Hope this helps someone (:


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I like when an author shows off their directing skills in a straight to the action intro.

I dislike intros that are too long. Yep, I’m definitely that person who presses “skip intro” on nearly every Netflix series. I think if you intend to have one, they should VERY short and sweet OR (best option) have the option to “skip intro” if you really want to have a complicated or lengthy intro in your story.

Stay Blessed & Keep Writing :slight_smile: