Discussion: Summer Loving

Hey Guys! Episode launched a new story called Summer Loving. Here’s the cover -

What are your opinions about it? I really like the new premium hairstyles they have shown in the story –


I like these two hairstyles better than the last two!

I hated that ombre, this pink one… isn’t perfect but it is good!


Called it. Where’s my $50 @amberose :wink:

Although, I’m pretty sure “that scene” has probably not made the cut since the author did remove it in the original (and I really respect that she did that btw- so thanks again).
I’ve read the original. I didn’t mind it, but the “questionable” love interest really ruined the story for me (which has since been made better, but he was always questionable to me, sexual assault or not). I wonder how much they changed since I imagine this version will only be 8 episodes.

Those hairstyles are cute.


That hair looks AmAzInG!!

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I haven’t read this story yet but I might check it out! I love those hairstyles they’re so pretty. Thanks for making this thread!!

:no_mouth: I’ll never forget how disgusting that love interest was.


Ive been begging episode to add highlights and omg look at that. btw whoops im pregnant is a good story with new hairs