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CALLING ALL SUPERNATURAL FANS! (If there are any on here…) I just wanted to ask a few questions, and I’m curious to see the responses from people on the forums :slight_smile:

1.) Who’s your favorite character and why?

2.) How many seasons are you into the show? All caught up or nah?

3.) Favorite ship?

4.) Favorite cast member?

5.) Favorite season? Favorite plot line?

6.) (For those on season 14) What are you thinking of the season so far?


My personal answers:
1.) Dean :heart: I just relate so much to him, in terms of his lack of self-esteem and putting his family first
2.) On season 14! I’m all caught up
3.) Destiel for life! :wink:
4.) Misha Collins! I just love how he’s so politically involved, and I love how much good he’s done for this world
5.) Season 5! That season was the peak of the show imo. My favorite plot line, though, would have to be the Mark of Cain in S9-S10. Jensen crushed it both seasons in the best way possible.
6.) honestly? This season is meh. It had a really bad start imo and then gradually got better. The most recent episode was amazing!

  1. crowley. i meet him and it just made me love him more

    1. i am got behind a bit
  2. i dont ship

  3. jared

5 1 always the begining

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I legit never saw the show I am either writing or watching memes/vines…
ik itz sad lol…


Haha that was me for the longest time


Omg I love Crowley so much, he’s still my favorite villain lol

I liked the show, but in German Free TV it was moved to a new channel and I lost track. So I only watched the first 7 seasons so far. I enjoyed the road movie flair it started with and thought that all this stuff with angels and the leviathans kind of ruined it. From what I saw they got back to the roots more again by now. Also many nice side characters like Bobby died. I think the best episodes were the ironic ones. :sunglasses:

I also felt the show was in its prime S1-S5, but since s7 it’s had some pretty excellent seasons imo (S8, S11, S13). I agree, the concept of angels at first to me was really cool but I feel like they’ve focused on it too much

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Ohmygosh yes I’ve been waiting for someone to make this thread

Ok. No. Don’t do this to me. I love all the characters in different ways. I could never choose between Sam, Dean and Cas. So my favourite recurring characters (I still can’t choose so here’s my top three) are Charlie, Rowena and Donna. I also love Bobby, Adam, Kevin, Meg, Crowley, Rowena, Garth, Jody, Jack, Lucifer & Gabriel. I’ve practically got all the cast here. I’m so indecisive lol. Ok so I love Charlie cause she is a badass. She’s nerdy, funny and so likeable it hurts. Rowena is awesome. She was a villain firstly, but a really likeable villain. Her self-preservation is really funny. You never know who’s side she’s on, it’s great. And Donna too, everything she’s went through, she’s such a badass and so funny.

All caught up. I’m a religious watcher.

Urm. I’m not really a Destiel shipper. I guess Megstiel?

Urgh. Stop this. I can’t choose any of the boys so Ruth Connell. But Jensen’s acting has been astounding since season 11.

I really liked seasons 4-5 with the whole vessel thing. It’s being reworked back into season 14 so it’s coming full circle. Season 9 was great too, with the angels falling. I like season 13 too, the uncertainty of Jack being evil really is emotional, it really shows how much hurt the boys have suffered the last few years and how reluctant they are to trust people, but also how they’ve become stuck in their ways as hunters; essentially becoming like John which they both never wanted.

I’d give it a 7.5 out of 10. The whole Michael coming back thing was really well done. It really upped the stakes and brought back season 4-5 vibes. It really showed how much the boys have been through. I love the dad relationship between Jack and the boys, like how he is the next generation of hunter. Some episodes have been a little lacking, like I could predict Michael coming back for Dean’s vessel. I’m really excited for the 300th episode though, it looks really promising.

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*clears throat *


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Lovelovelove Supernatural.

1.) Who’s your favorite character and why?
Dean obv. My spirit animal. Never gives up, kickes asses and butters it all with sarcasm.
2.) How many seasons are you into the show? All caught up or nah?
13 finished. 14 on the way. And despite my enormous love, they should’ve finished it on 4-5 seasons.
3.) Favorite ship?
Castiel and Meg. Unicorn couple.
4.) Favorite cast member?
Can’t choose. Really. Love all of them.
5.) Favorite season? Favorite plot line?
2 season. First Sam’s death and how Dean handled it. Crying every time.
6.) (For those on season 14) What are you thinking of the season so far?
Check 2.

Jack omg my precious baby boi

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1.) Favorite character and why? Dean. I love how he carries his emotions on his sleeves (though he pretends he doesn’t) and he’s always there for Sam. Always looking after him, making sure he’s safe. :sparkling_heart::revolving_hearts::two_hearts::kissing_smiling_eyes:

2.) Seasons into the show? All caught up and always on replay! :smile:

3.) Favorite ship? Destiel! I absolutely love there friendship! (Romantic relationship if it ever come into fruition. No I’m not one of those obsessed Destiel fans who only ship that crack ship. Just saying if the writers ever decide to write that in the script, I wouldn’t be opposed to it.) I wish Dean would say he loves Castiel like he does Sam and his mom. :kissing::kissing_heart::kissing_smiling_eyes:

4.) Favorite cast member(s): Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Ty Olsson, and Osric Chau. :sparkling_heart::revolving_hearts::two_hearts::smile:

5.) Favorite season(s)? Season 4 (for the simple fact that Castiel was introduced) and Season 10. Favorite plot(s) Vessels and Mark of Cain! :slight_smile::clap:t6::ok_hand:t6:

6.)Thoughts on season 14? I’ll rate it 7.5. Honestly I just don’t like the fact that Lucifer is back. I’m so over his storyline. Also I hate AUMichael(Dichael). :triumph::upside_down_face:

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