Discussion: The Acting Game (new featured story)

Looks like a new featured story popped up. I’m guessing it’s in beta since I haven’t seen an announcement yet. Anyone else have it? Anyone read the original version?


P.S. IT’S INK!! :exploding_head:


Wow, seriously? I’m positively surprised with this choice, I loved the original version, it’s funny, creative and it’s full of drama so to me it was easy to binge read. Also, an INK story being featured :pleading_face:


Yeah, I’m really surprised too. Maybe they thought it would pull in the people who don’t like LL?


Nope :pleading_face:

Yes… ish. I’m so slow lol


Rubi literally being proof ink isn’t dead right now :rofl: Hopefully this will squash some of the ink getting cancelled rumors that seem to circulate.

What I think is most interesting about this is the 10+ endings. I feel like most featured stories don’t have more than 3 endings at most. So I’m keen to see what happens here :eyes:


I don’t have it. Better luck next time. :pleading_face:


I’m super curious too. It FEELS like a community story. Author’s other stories promoted at the end, character customization menu at the start of each episode… it has a throwback feel. I’m definitely eager to see how it goes.


Ink?! :scream:


My only concern is that the original was 40 episodes. Will this one have 10 endings, yet be 8-12 episodes long? :thinking: How will this fit an abbreviated format, especially with a reality show, weekly elimination format.


Looks like there are no gem outfits. I’m guessing that since the INK assets are retired, they figure it’s an unlikely way to make money. Full closet access in a featured story? It’s a miracle.


I have the beta version and I just read it, and now I’m curious about this too. The episodes were on the short side, which I wouldn’t mind but I would have expected the plot to move further in the first 3 chapters. I hope they’re not going to remove the most interesting parts…

Also, I’m not sure how many people review these stories, but how come no one noticed this?


I didn’t have that problem with the name because I customized the character, but that’s definitely a design flaw.

I was surprised too by how slow it was. Like it definitely felt like the first 3 out of 40 episodes, not 3 out of 12. I prefer a slow build to something that moves so fast it seems underdeveloped, though.

I customized all the characters, and I have to admit… it reminded me of how few INK features I like compared to LL. :sweat_smile: Every one of my dudes has a defined triangle face and uneven lips.

Do you know how many legit LIs the original had? I’m wondering if the 10 endings bit means there are ten LI options for the final choice. It does seem like there could be a lot of LIs.


I read it a long time ago, but I think there were like 5 legit love interests? And I don’t want to spoil anything but not all of them were contestants of the show


How did the Firstname Lastname thing happen though?


I have no idea, but it seems it only happens if you don’t customize the MC


Hmm, interesting. There are about that many people on the opening CC menu, so I assumed those were the LIs, but then another 6 of the contestants were customizable when they were introduced.

I’m guessing Drew is a LI based on the fact that he was instantly a jerk to the MC. :laughing: Buuuut the other characters said he released revenge porn after his ex cheated on him, so I hope not because that’s a major red flag.


I’m curious: Did they buy this ages ago and just decide to feature it now?
Or did they buy this recently and decide they just wanted to see how the INK version went rather than revamping it in LL?
I’m also really curious to see how they keep the 10 endings if they plan on condensing this version.


Yeah, I have nooooo idea! I don’t know why they would have sat on it, but I don’t always find Episode’s plans very intuitive. I hope, since it’s Ink, it might be a return to the old school featured stories in other ways… like being longer than 12 episodes!



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My bet: INK version will underperform (because Episode has been spoon-feeding Limelight) and this story will be rewritten in Limelight. With Stella as the MC & many other stock background characters. Oh… and the directing will probably be full of glitches.

I hope not though. I’d like to see an INK featured story.

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I worry it won’t even be re-featured in LL, but simply abandoned. :slightly_frowning_face: