DISCUSSION: The Comedy Genre


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Posing this as a bit of my own question, when is a point in a scene where you think the joke is taking too long? Like when the conversation takes too Long talking about an irrelevant thing?

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It’s hard for me to answer this because I feel like I wrote 40 episodes filled with jokes and conversations about irrelevant things :joy: But imo, I’ve only ever felt this way in stories when the joke is something like an author-insert. Like if the “author” is talking to the character and says more than 5 lines, or if the author introduces their irl friends as characters and it starts to feel like one big inside joke that I don’t understand :woozy_face: For that type of humour, I need it to be done sparingly or else I do feel it takes away from the story too much


Yeah, it’s just so cringe sometimes

Also, to be fair, examples like OOTG are okay, since they are episodic, but I was more referring to plot-heavy types of stories or just have inconsistent tone


Why do you think authors choose to write comedy?
Mostly for reads, and authors probably think Comedy genre is the easiest one to write, but one thing I can tell you, It’s not.

What makes a story a comedy? Is it funny characters? Is it the ‘adventure’ / ‘plot’? Or even the relationships between characters?
Surely, a plot does most of the work, but good written jokes and good sense of humor does a lot of work too.

Do you think that people make their story ‘comedy’ just for reads?

Should RomCom or DraCom or even FantCom stories be in the Comedy section?
One thing I know for certain, is that most “Rom - Coms” that are thrown into the Comedy section are just boring romance stories that are in the comedy section so they would get more reads.

Have YOU, yes YOU, ever tried to make a comedy? What did you find difficult / easy?
Nope. Never tried to, never will. Why? Because comedy can be only made by funny people or people with good sense of humor. And I’m really not funny, and my sense of humor is trash.

Do you think a story should warn readers if the comedy is dark? If the comedy makes fun of race, religion, gender, sexuality, should they warn readers?
DEFINETLY. There are people who get the joke immediately, and there are people that need a little push into understanding that this is a joke and it’s not here to make fun of anything.