DISCUSSION: The Double Standards Of Trigger Warnings On Episode

I’ve debated with myself a bit over whether or not to make this a thread but I think with the abundance of threads pertaining to such topics in the last year or so, that it’s an important discussion to have.

Trigger warnings should always be used in my opinion as far as Episode is concerned when you’re dealing with potentially triggering content. It’s a common courtesy for one and for two episode recommends it themselves in their own guidelines. I’m never going to argue with someone saying a trigger warning should be used. Heck, there are stories by authors I love who have content I think needs a trigger warning. I try not to be biased in what I expect from authors or base things on anything personal with them and I hope that people who are my friends/readers would hold me accountable too.

However, can someone please explain to me why the same courtesies aren’t being expected of every author? When I see someone (reader, a fellow author, etc.) demanding a story have a trigger warning, going after it for “problematic themes” iregardless of how problematic the story actually is (because I’m sorry but there have been plenty of times certain things have been blown out of proportion, at least to me) while being the same people who will praise other stories with problematic content that need trigger warnings because those people are conveniently their friends to me it screams hypocrisy. You can’t demand things in one story and then turn around and conveniently ignore the problematic content in another and promote it at the same time.

While I might not agree with them and may even openly say so I still understand their right to find the actually problematic content in stories problematic. What irks me is when the same criticizers conveniently ignore stories by certain authors that have actual problematic themes and truly need trigger warnings or h*ll even a mature warning at the very least and promote the crap out of them.

I’m not going to mention authors or stories by name as that’s not the point of this thread but I can tell you all right now there are two stories I’ve read all the episodes or at least part of very recently that had problematic/concerning content that didn’t include trigger/content warnings. These same stories are being reccomended heavily by some of the same people who have gone after others for their use of what they’ve deemed problematic content.

I guess my main question is: Why aren’t we all being held to the same standards?

This isn’t a thread to go after those specific authors or stories (which is why I didn’t mention them by name) but I can’t be the only one noticing this. I’d almost guarantee there’s quite a few of you noticing the same things I am. Why the hypocrisy?

There’s no questions for this topic, but feel free to respond with your own opinions on this or any personal experiences you’ve had with this either as a reader or a writer. Please be courteous and don’t bash other authors or readers as that’s not the point of this thread. I’m truly just tired of the hypocrisy and the double standards being expected by certain people depending on who you are and who you’re friends with.



I also shared this on my insta stories but some time ago I made the terrible decision to read a story that ended up being highly triggering to me. Bear in mind that I’m a grown adult that the majority of the time can handle their trigger but the fact that the story wasn’t in horror plus the complete lack of triggers (even Episode’s general ones) caught me completely unprepared. The story was full of gore, blood and other things I won’t mention so I had to click off immediately. When I brought this up I got told the good, old “If you don’t like it don’t read it” as if I wanted to be triggered or something.
Yet again this is the same community that sends me graphic videos about muslims being t*rtured so, are we surprised?


Yes! That’s the situation with one of the stories I’m referencing. It’s in drama when it should really probably be in horror or thriller, there’s a good half dozen triggering topics and zero warning for any of it. Normally I’d brush it off or just be silently annoyed but since said author should know better based on who I know their friends are it’s hard for me to just ignore it.

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Glad to know that triggering stories without TW are the norm :grinning:
DM me :eyes:

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I know isn’t it great :heart_eyes:

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Basically piggybacking off what you’re saying, since you know we’ve talked in depth about this in the DMs. But your friend doing it doesn’t make it okay. If you’re going to hold people to certain standards, your friends/people you like are included in that. Otherwise, it just looks like petty jealousy and not truly caring about the lack of warnings/offensive jokes.

All I know is, I would tell my friends if something bothered me in their story and I’d be completely understanding if they came to me about mine. That’s what a true friendship is :woman_shrugging:t3: If we want to truly fix some of the problematic stories in this community, wouldn’t our own colleagues be where to start?


Exactly! My main issue is some of the same people sharing said story are the same ones who will also go after stories for a single scene they deem problematic. Not saying a problematic scene shouldn’t be pointed out or discussed, but it truly reeks of hypocrisy when someone can point out a single scene in one story they don’t like but fail to mention/notice the half dozen problematic things in another by someone they do like.