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Discussion for (@TheTeacher) Mette M. Peleikis’s new story.
I really liked it. I think it’s very cool that Mette and @ck_artdesign created their own art style. The story is really good written and it’s mystery and horror. Two genres that I really like.
What are your thoughts on the pilot episode?

THE DRAGON'S TAIL by: Miss.monarch | Discussion

I really liked it! The only thing that annoyed me a bit was the fact that more episodes aren’t already out! It must of taken ages to do all that art though and I loved the art style! All the characters were just so cute :slight_smile:


I also liked it but if episode has more stories that r similar, then it will be like other story apps in anime that I have read before.


I really liked the story (the directing is amazing!) but I quickly clicked off after the first chapter. Why? Because there were no actual episode characters. I know that you might be thinking…THAT IS NOT A VALID REASON! well, it’s Episode because of the characters. And if they were no characters, what was the point if putting it on episode in the first place?! She could’ve done it on YouTube or something. Other than that, I think the plot was nice. Everyone’s gonna hate me for this, IK.


I was skeptical at first because of the style, but I got into it. The dream scene at the start reminded me of one of the Choices stories (not in a copying way, just in a “similar vibes” way) and I liked how it was done. I was hooked at the start although somewhere in the middle of the episode I kind of lost focus, but I got into it at the end again. Apparently the outfit choice was supposed to be a gem choice? But I guess I’m not part of the whatever-percent that can see those gem choices yet lol so yay, free cute outfit :wink:

The style might take some getting used to but once you get into it, I think you can appreciate the work that’s gone into it and also the storyline. I’ll keep reading as I want to see where it goes. The lack of moving Episode characters didn’t bother me BUT I really hope people don’t try to copy this. This definitely isn’t a style that everyone could pull off but so far, I do think it’s quite good.


I really loved the style of it. The artist who creates the art scenes for Mette’s stories is so incredibly talented, and the designs for these characters were so impressive. That being said, in my opinion, other writers shouldn’t try to copy this style. It’s special and intriguing because it’s unique to Mette, and attempts at recreating it would probably just fall short.


I loved the style. The directing and the story is so intriguing and I’m already a huge fan of her other work The Teacher, The Assassin Femme Fatale & Brozoned and she’s done it again!
This story is sure to be a hit.
I hope people who don’t like the style overlook it because it works well imo for this story,
However like said before I don’t think every author could pull this off.


I really loved it! I don’t usually like Mette’s stories (unpopular opinion), but I gave this one a try and I was hooked! I’m just confused because I read the first chapter and went onto the second, I kind of skimmed passed the words and then she said that I gained an extra pass and then I was taken back to the main menu of episode. Is this because she’s only completed chapter 1?


Yeah I believe so!
I think she’s tweaking the other 2 eps I think she said.


I’m excited to see what she has in store for us!


I loved the style! But I don’t like the fact that the characters are sliding, it would have been better to just place them somewhere and don’t make them move in my opinion. The story itself I do not gave a lot to say about, since it is only one episode, but I will continue reading!


The storyline is very different to the other stories she’s released so far, and it definitely has me interested. I hope it does well enough for her to continue it!
And as usual, Caroline’s art is gorgeous. Much more attractive than the characters in either Ink or Limelight, to be honest :woman_shrugging:
I don’t know what people are talking about when they say they hope people don’t copy the style, though… it’s not like other people haven’t made stories featuring only their own art on Episode before (Duemadiri has been out for ages now, and it’s 100% custom art) .
And Mette herself said it was inspired by Otome visual novels, and there’s hundreds of apps out here that are styled like this (at least, I feel like there are hundreds, because I’m always getting ads for them. No thanks, I do not want to play “Is It Love? Ryan”)
I mean, I also hope a ton of people don’t suddenly decide to start doing it just because Mette did it, but I doubt they will because it must have taken her a TON of work.

Anyway, with that out of the way, her directing in the sequence at the start was FLAWLESS, and besides the beautiful characters, I think it’s that directing at the beginning that stood out to me the most, just because it was so good.


It was very interesting and creative, something very different from what we usually read on episode. I loved it.


I like the plot (got so down when there only were one episode out) and the “animations” are really beautiful but It irks me at the same time as I like it. It’s to much Volage Inc and to little Episode to me.
I read both styles - a lot - and love each of them for what they are, but I don’t think they should mix. And that’s what The Dragons tail feel like - a mix (if a stunning one).
Just having the background and no real animations - I’m with Huwayda_A_Z on this - that’s not what Episode’s about.
So two thumbs up to Mette (@TheTeacher) (and :sparkling_heart: to Ck for the beautiful art) for trying new things/giving us this but a big please do not try to copy this to other authers out there.



When I said it, I just meant that it’s going to be a very tricky style to pull off. Not that no one should do it. I know Duemadiri is like that, but Mette would probably be considered more of a trendsetter. I just meant that if someone decides to go this route, I hope they do it because it suits their story and they know it suits their writing style, not because they saw a popular author do it and get a lot of reads.


Sounds like we’re on the same page there :slightly_smiling_face:


I hope Mette does more episodes of this story!
I’m shocked Episode let her release just one.


It’s so interesting to read all of the comments! First of all, big thank you to @GSG.episode for starting this discussion thread! :smile:

Also a big thanks for all of your sweet words and constructive criticism, guys! This story was definitely a gamble. It could either do really badly or really well and I think most people really liked the first episode. I’m still waiting for the data to be collected so that I can see if it’s worth it to continue it. It’s been quite an investment too in terms of paying for the art (which I am glad you all find beautiful, Caroline will be so happy to hear that!) so I asked Episode if they could help me make two dummy chapters after episode 1 so that I could test it before commissioning more art and they were ready to help me, yay! :blush:

Anyway, just wanted to thank you all for discussing me and Caro’s story! I’ll keep an eye on this thread <3



I really hope it does well, for my sake as well as yours… because I really want to know what happens next :joy:
Are you thinking of continuing the story in some other medium, if it doesn’t do well enough to make you a profit? Although I guess having 3 WIPs on Wattpad would be a bit exhausting…


Really random question, but shouldn’t the title of this thread be The Teacher :joy:?