Discussion: The Dragon's Tail



Nope! I haven’t had any at all. How odd!


Hah, I didnt have gem choices as well :smiling_imp:


I kept that precious doggy :hugs:
Read through rest of comments, and I didn’t pay gems for that choice or any other. I wonder why that was available to some but not others.


Maybe it was a glitch for me…


Lol :joy:


I guess that user gem choices still haven’t been entirely rolled out to everyone yet?
I haven’t had to pay gems in any stories yet either, though there have obviously been some choices that were meant to be gem ones.


Oh I thought they were available to everyone already.


I thought so too, but I’m still not getting them in user stories at all.


Honestly, your comment doesn’t make much sense to me. Put it on YouTube? How would I put an interactive story on YouTube? How would I put all of it together without using a platform like episode to make it? I respect that you prefer regular animated Episode characters but I like to push the boundaries and I like to find ways where my stories stand out from the many thousands of stories in the app. To me, if you want to stay relevant on here, you HAVE to stand out, otherwise your stories will get lost in the masses. I hope that is answer enough to your question on why I put it on Episode.

It’s completely fine that you prefer episode characters but to say “there were no characters” just because it’s not your preferred type of characters is not only untrue because there is, I obviously can’t make a story without characters, and also my artist Caroline spend a lot of time creating them and probably much more time than anyone has ever spend on a regular episode character. So, just because you don’t like how different is is, doesn’t mean it doesn’t belong in Episode. Have a good day and thank you for finding the plot nice! :slight_smile:


Wow, you already figured it all out, huh? An based on what? 1 episode? 3 episodes? I would love to hear your theory on what exactly is after them because no one has guessed it yet. I think it’s a bit quick to jump the gun on the plot when you’ve read so little on it but okay :slight_smile:


Lol lol lol! :smile:


Haha! Hopefully next week. I’d like to publish two chapters at a time but each chapters takes at least 1 week to make both in terms of the art Caroline creates for each episode but also in terms of writing the story and directing it. It’s a bit more time consuming that when I used regular episode characters. I’m trying to figure out how long one episode takes me so that I can make a schedule for you guys soon! :smiley: Thank you so much for reading it! <3


That is actually because it’s a feature that the writers in the writer payment program are currently testing. So, right now the feature is only rolled out to around 15% of the readers, which means not everyone will have to buy the gem choices yet. At some point, the gem choices will be rolled out to every reader so that it’s equal for everyone. Normally, I wouldn’t add gem choices to my stories, but the extra payment I will receive from doing it is a 25% boost to my income. And since I’m making a story like The Dragon’s Tail, I can really make good quality gem choices that you won’t see in every story. Like for example, the premium outfits are super unique, no story in episode will have an outfit that looks like our outfits as they’re not based on Episode clothing and they’re being drawn exclusively for TDT by Caroline, my talented friend and artist. I personally think it’s worth it but never a necessity for the story to make sense! :smiley:


We understand that writing for Episode is your source of income and given the nature of this story, that you need to commission and pay for a LOT more art than usual.

I’m not one of the people who has to pay for gem choices yet, but even if I was, I personally would buy them to pay for your gem choices. I have faith that they’re worth it. Some people will complain, but that’s inevitable, and I’m sure you’ll give us lots of meaningful non-gem choices too. Just keep on doing what you’re doing, because this story is fantastic!!!
(But also like, kind of terrifying)


Thank you for explaining! That definitely makes sense. I just assumed it was bug of sorts because I thought it had been rolled out to everyone by now. Thank you and Caroline for making and blessing us with this amazing story! :heart:


I think instead of putting it on Youtube or Episode, it would have been better if she released it as a visual novel. I feel like she’d generate more profit from that.

I just realized I replied to the wrong person, but it works since you’re the author lolol.
@Huwayda_A.Z , I meant to tag you lol.


Personally, I’m not a fan of Mette’s story because they’re not the type of stories I read. I’m not a fan of romance stories. I do play otome games from time to time or watch romance anime, but other than that I don’t like to read it. I haven’t read a lot of this story, but from the episodes I have read, I’m loving it. I really like the otome feel it has lol. (No… that wasn’t my reason for reading it… maybe…)