DISCUSSION: The Episode Community


I don’t understand the Episode community sometimes. We say that everybody should be treated equally and being able to voice our feelings, but it doesn’t feel like we can. There will be times where something very controversial happens within the community such as racism, judging people based off their beliefs, etc, and people don’t respect how others feel about certain topic. The Episode community that is a part of Instagram has been very disrespectful to the point where a person can’t be themselves (if you know what happened, you know what I’m talking about). That is NOT supposed to happen. A person can’t even share their feelings to others without facing backlash from one disrespectful person. I’ve seen this happen a lot on Instagram, and it needs to stop. Obviously, Episode can’t really take the extra measures to speak out against these people, but they should at least confront them about their reckless behaviors. Therefore, the Episode community doesn’t treat everyone equally, or respect them as a person behind the phone screen or computer screen.

That’s how I feel.


Want to give some examples?


Sure. A couple of days ago, there has been a lot of drama centered around a person being racist towards African Americans within the Episode community. This happened on Instagram, and I believe it’s still going on. I know Episode can’t control other people’s personalities, beliefs, likes/dislikes etc. But, I do believe that person is wrong for being racist. Yea, I know I can’t change the way people think about certain races of people, but that person had no business threatening and being disrespectful to a person that is a part of the Episode community.


Homophobia encompasses a range of negative attitudes and feelings toward homosexuality or people who are identified or perceived as being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

Exactly, how is Briana_M homophobic? That’s a strict allegation. First, She isn’t against the LGBT+ community. Since when is not agreeing with the terms equal to going against and hating it? She hasn’t made any snide or negative comments about Homosexuals and other sexualities. She even said herself she doesn’t discriminate them or hate them. For you to say that was completely off. And I am not trying to argue with you or anything but please, don’t make remarks like that. Thank you.


I’m not on Instagram and no specific examples have been brought up, so I wouldn’t know just how bad it’s gotten over there. But aren’t those people just a few bad apples just like there are in any community? I don’t think we can pin this on the Episode community as a whole. As you said and unfortunately, none of us can really control how people think and feel, despite how wrong their thoughts and feelings might be. These people are likely rebellious teens or very immature adults who don’t know how or care to debate and might feel threatened by anyone who tries to do so, especially publicly (which is why anyone who speaks out against them is likely wasting their time and energy more than they should). I would just block any hateful people after maybe sending them a message privately if necessary, briefly letting them know how I feel about their bigotry, and continue to focus on my work. No community is absolutely safe from toxic people, and for what it’s worth, I think we’re doing pretty well in this one (on the forums at least).

I completely understand the frustration that comes with seeing toxic people spewing hate. Sadly, it’s not something that will ever really go away… I keep seeing people express their distaste for the Instagram Episode community a lot. This is certainly due to the lack of filter and moderators over there, so everyone feels like they can say whatever they want (anonymously, thus without many repercussions). Hopefully no one sees this as a definition of the Episode community and I sincerely hope no one is truly getting hurt by this.

That was my take as a member of the Episode community but a complete outsider to the Instagram side of it. I hope my comment still holds its place in this discussion :slightly_smiling_face:


I would not accuse someone of something so horrible if I didn’t read what she had said. I suppose saying she doesn’t “agree with LGBTQ in stories”, “don’t support it” and wishing “they (LGBT people) would come into the truth” is homophobic, correct?


No, it’s not. Like I addressed you about before, that’s not homophobia what’s so ever. Look at the definition I have you above and look at what she said and compare. Did she say any insults towards the community? Did she say any discrimitory remarks? Did she say anything negative or offensive to the community? No, she didn’t. And I am not going to go back and forth with you about this. And you are accusing her of something terrible as homophobic. You just admitted that yourself. If you have more to say then pm me instead of here. She’s not hating on the community, she just doesn’t agree with it. And you need to understand that.


I said I would not say that if I didn’t read what she had said.

Okay. That’s your opinion then.


I’m sorry, but why did you have to bring that up? I am not trying to be rude or anything.


Thank you for stepping in for me. I appreciate it. Sometimes I don’t really like to talk about those things because it could start an argument, and I don’t want that to happen.

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This thread is simply about people within the Episode community not treating each other respectfully and honestly. This thread isn’t about me or anybody who has different beliefs about something that a lot of people may not agree on. I created this thread for a reason, and it’s not just so people can talk about my opinions. It’s okay if you disagree with something; that’s how life is. You don’t HAVE to agree with everything a person says because we’re all humans. Just thought I’d clear that up before someone else decided to say something about my beliefs.


What exactly did you read about what I said? Please clarify.


And neither am I. I brought it up because as I had said and repeat, I find it ‘s quite hypocritical of you to talk about discrimination despite your homophobic view.




You couldn’t really forget what you said in an old thread called “Do you agree with LGBT in stories?” already, could you?

I have no problem with the topic you have. You have a right to voice your opinion and I have the right to disagree with it.


i understand your opinion (trust me, i just spent a whole day arguing with two people about Lgbt views) but even if she doesn’t agree with LGBT that shouldn’t be a reason for her not to fight for discrimination to stop. as long as she doesn’t say any unkind words towards that community i don’t see a problem.


I already addressed you about this. :roll_eyes: Just because she doesn’t agree with the LGBT+ community, DOESN’T MEAN SHE IS HOMOPHOBIC. She hasn’t said any negative or hurtful remarks to the community. Neither has she discriminated them. Can you please drop it and stop bringing it up?


Okay dude, no problem :slight_smile: