[DISCUSSION] The Escalation of the Backlash against Gem Choices

Good morning/afternoon Episodians!

Recently, I’ve noticed the increasing backlash against Episode for their gem choice price on their Instagram page. This has escalated when it was revealed Episode deleted and blocked people who commented about the gem prices; the Episode community were finally encouraged to post the clown emoji “:clown_face:” on Episode’s most recent post.

Now, I’ve come here to discuss with the community about this to see if, in its entirety, is this okay, and is this a justified action against Episode?

My opinion

Personally, I believe Episode blocking people and deleting comments is absolutely ridiculous, but putting yourself in their perspective, receiving the huge amounts of comments they do with sarcastic comments about gem choice does get annoying after a certain point. Honestly, it was starting to annoy me, too, as someone part of the Episode community. Of course, everyone is well aware of Episode’s insanely high gem choices. That alone is not new news. But many people have offered a solution: read community stories.

Instagram is Episode’s preferred social media platform to post images of new updates and to interact with the community. Expressing your concerns about gem prices is absolutely fine - I honestly don’t see the harm in wanting Episode to know how dissatisfied people are with these prices. However, we’ve come to the point where we are resorting to mockery to get a point across, and that is not helping our case at all.

I am sure Episode has had meetings where they discussed these choices, and I am absolutely sure that people part of their team has sided with our concerns. And if they have decided to review these gem choices and possibly change current prices or future prices, it still takes a long time to implement. I’m not saying it hasn’t been a long time that people have been wanting this change; I’m saying that Episode may have noticed this problem, discussed it and decided what to do (that being change price or leave it as it is).

Resorting to mockery and in some form, harassing comments in their comment section, how do we expect them to stop and think - “wow, I should finally listen to what everyone’s saying. How have I not noticed before?”

If we hate gem choices (featured stories) so much, why can’t we just find an alternative and read community stories instead? We’ve been doing it for so long. What’s the point in mocking Episode about these prices if most of us barely even read featured stories anyway?

EDIT: I’m well aware that everyone reads community stories. But that begs the question: what is the point of lowering gem prices if people barely read featured stories due to its lack of quality and effort?

Questions I’d like to ask you:

  1. How do you feel about Episode blocking and deleting comments and people [edit], allegedly?
  2. Do you read featured stories?
  3. Is this new rise against Episode justified? (refer to the new “clowning trend”)
  4. Can we view this rise against Episode as a positive influence on our community?

If you plan on commenting below, I beg of you to please keep this thread respectful to all parties involved. I will not tolerate rude comments. We must keep this thread a place where we can respectfully share our opinion and consider the views of other people.

Thank you to everyone in advance.
Have an awesome day! :grin:


Honestly, I would do the same thing Episode did. I get it. Gem choices are ridiculously high, but at the same time you don’t have to read the featured stories. There’s over 100+ community stories on the app for you to read. If I was constantly seeing “60 gEmS cHoIcEs tO cHoOsE yOuR Li” under a photo that showing off a meme, then yeah. I’ll block your ass too lol.

I read some featured stories. I usually read them to collect gems for the actual good stories that they do have.

This new rise ridiculous. Harassing Episode in the comments because you don’t like the cost of gems is a bit much. It’s just a bunch of follow the leader mentality.

It’s not a positive rise to me. :woman_shrugging:t4:

Lol, I honestly have no idea for a solution.


Definitely. And its taking the opposite turn of the awareness program that began literally days before.

I’ll probably change this question :joy: it was meant to be one of those “theres only one answer” questions (read community stories) :sweat_smile:


My goodness Episode :joy:

At this point you’ve dug your own grave all the way to the earth’s core by now. :woman_shrugging:


1. How do you feel about Episode blocking and deleting comments and people?

Episode social media team is fulla cry babies, wAaAaA wAaAaA wAaAaA

(Ahem) I mean, I do find it somewhat immature for a company’s social media team to be blocking comments and deleting people. However, I wouldn’t say it’s more mature to be posting annoying comments all over Episode’s posts. On the one hand, the customers are speaking, but on the other hand, the customers are being a pain… :woman_shrugging: Tbh I think when you have a product that’s specifically catered to teenagers who have smartphones, it’s naive not to expect your customer base to have their childish, follow-the-leader moments. That’s kinda what teens with social media do, unfortunately.
2. Do you read featured stories?
Nah, not at all lol, except occasionally for a laugh. Unexpectedly Expecting, the army of Stellas is spawning.
3. Is this new rise against Episode justified? (refer to the new “clowning trend”)
Justified, maybe. Effective, probably not. If Episode is ignoring the written mockery, they’re probably ignoring the slew of emojis too.
4. Can we view this rise against Episode as a positive influence on our community?
Uhhhh… I dunno.

Tbh… I don’t care about the increasing gem prices that much. As above, I don’t read featured stories, partly because most of them are plain at best, cliche at worst, and partly because you could stand me at the edge of a cliff and tell me to either praise microtransactions or fall, and I’d die with my honour. So whether the choices are 1 gem or 700 gems, I don’t care, because I’m not reading them anyway. :woman_shrugging:

And since I don’t care, I’m leaving it up to Episode to decide where the optimal price-to-click rate is at. It’s just math, if a 50% increase in gems per choice results in only a 10% decrease in clicks, it’s probably a good idea. I’m pretty sure they track those stats, they’ll figure it out.

a. Social media is a vicious place in general
b. Money talks :speaking_head:
c. Whatever keeps Episode’s servers up, I guess. How they do it is no concern of mine.


100% agree

  1. So I don’t like when people are always complaining. Episode is a company that makes the decisions based on what they believe is the best even though we can’t all agree (I certainly do find that the gem choices cost a lot but I wouldn’t comment that on a lot of Episode’s posts; in my opinion, people should engage with what the post is about; also if Episode notices people complaining about gem choices too much, they should make a post on what people think about gem choices, getting feedback from them). Some comments are really rude to Episode though and constantly having to put up with that can be tiring. However, I don’t feel justified in Episode blocking and silencing people over this.

  2. No, I don’t read featured stories. I admit when I used to see a gem choice, I’d get upset when I saw how many gems it was.

  3. This new rise? Was it really a new rise though? People have been complaining and taking action against gem choices for a pretty long time. They’ve established using the clown emoji as a movement to stand up to Episode’s responses to people complaining about gem choices. People have been rising against episode for some time yet continue to go on the app. I think that Episode should make a post about how users feel and what ideas they have.

  4. I’m not exactly sure. It’s kind of hard to tell. People have stood up to Episode on more than one occasion and I haven’t really felt any positive things that came from that. I guess time will tell.


This kinda sounds surprising to me. Surely Episode is not that bothered :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Deleting comments? Sure, maybe. But blocking people for saying there gem prices are too high seems like a reach. Is there any chance there’s more to it?

I used to occasionally, but I sorta stopped after College-ish. Ones that have come out since then seem really bad based on other people’s experiences and so I don’t want episode to think it’s getting reads because we like it, since that would make them think that they can get away with choppy directing and rushed plots

Jazzy… I have no idea what this means. Am I old?

Ummm I feel like no. From what I’ve seen, the community’s response of commenting the clown emoji is like the equivalent of protests (just simplified)… Which episode has said before doesn’t work. So in my opinion, this isn’t actually a rise against episode at all :upside_down_face:

I really agree with what you’ve said her. I don’t really like IG and all that, but it would/does bother me seeing complaints about gems on every post. I know people are just tired from getting no response here on the forums or no fix through a ticket, but commenting on their posts isn’t going to fix it either

I agree with this too. Idk how many people would be involved in the meetings but I’m sure at least one person spoke up and said 60 gems is a bit much, no?

And good point here too! I personally feel like the standard of story telling throughout featured stories needs to be a lot better before I started playing it and buying gems lol. It doesn’t matter if they capped the prices, most are still a poor excuse for a story in their current state


Questions I’d like to ask you:

  1. How do you feel about Episode blocking and deleting comments and people? It depends on the post in question. Episode has lots of readers (don’t know how many) and they have to filter through most of all those posts. If we can’t state our opinion in a respectful way why should they listen? For instance if someone said to you “WhY dO yOu NeVeR lIsTeN tO Me!?” Your not going to take the comment as seriously as this, “I would really appreciate if you would listen closely to what I’m saying, because you brighten my day with your visits.”
  2. Do you read featured stories? Some. I mainly read to get gems for the stories I love.
  3. Is this new rise against Episode justified? (refer to the new “clowning trend”)
    I don’t know what that is. But I doubt if it disagrees with my first point then no it isn’t justified.
  4. Can we view this rise against Episode as a positive influence on our communitty
    This answer may vary, but I say no. Hating on the company isn’t going to make Episode better. Working with them is.

I agree! I certainly like reading through the small amounts of serious comments about what Episode is posting about. It makes me feel like I’m learning a bit about the community beyond “i like a boy whose gem price isn’t 60”.

This :raised_hands: I guess it wouldn’t be much of a rise. Just an escalated version of what was already happening.


There probably is. But I’m only going off whats been circulating so I’m not too sure.

:joy: I doubt it!
I mean, can we say that harassing Episode to this extent is okay? Do we, as readers and consumers, have the permission (so to speak) to ridicule them when we are dissatisfied with something?


This is everything. Honestly, besides the fact that this is a company, people really aren’t going to listen when you don’t ask them properly. Imagine Episode spoke to us the way we spoke to them.


If they did they would most likely be shut down.
Though gem choices can be extremely annoying we have to remain calm, open minded, communicate respectfully, and come up with a solution to implement if need be.


I mean, just don’t read it if that’s the case lol. But isn’t the majority of Epi readers young kids/teenagers? So wouldn’t that account for all the backlash? And realistically many of them wouldn’t have the constant funds to keep paying for it.

Does age play a factor in this?


I honestly cannot get over the fact that they’re blocking users on Instagram, for criticism or maybe a little hate. :rofl:

Bruh, I’m rolling around on my hardwood floor, dying of laughter

I would just delete my account tbh,
take my things and move to another country :+1:

Sadly, not all teens are mature enough to tolerate social media, but age doesn’t determine maturity. I can see maybe a 13 or 15 year old in this game, but a successful company like Episode?


More so maturity most 13-18 and 18+ year olds are immature.
A 70 could be as immature as a 12 year old. Matters on the person.


I think it would. It would also explain the immature approach about gem prices.

Very true. But younger readers would be more prone to immature approaches. So I guess it would be a bit of both.


Yeah that’s true. But, in this particular situation, I highly doubt a 70 year old will be on the app. But hey, who knows :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: lol


I’m not a younger person (shhhh) so it just is what it is. I look at it, maybe it’s more of a business move for them? I don’t know though lol