Discussion: The Guy Next Door

Seriously agreed. I rather have an LI that makes me sick because they are so sugary-sweet than … you know, the opposite. Though the scene where there are gem choices to ‘sext’ Toby … yeah, not sure it is best to have that at the finale. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Otherwise, I like the dynamic between the two (and I just realised that both stories with healthy main relationships are 8 chapters long)

It’s also weird to me that this story had so many inconsequential choices for such a linear plot. Heck, the parents’ diabolical scheme never really had a resolution. If this thing had at least two more chapters, the ending wouldn’t be so rushed.

Exactly my feelings. It just feels suffocating to see this many choices, and assume with every free choice you’re getting a subpar experience, even though most times it is a new outfit and some extra lines of dialogue.

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