DISCUSSION: The Lawyer and ME

hey loves

As you guys probably know, episode turned “The Lawyer and me” into a featured story. I haven’t read it, and probably won’t bc i don’t have time for diamond choice stories. But what do you think?

Questions to be answered

How is the story in general?

How do you feel about it being featured?

Is it unique?


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Wow, if I were to read it, I’d much rather the original

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I never saw it as a featured story! Only that generic mafia story but this time, involving a FEMALE MC as if that’s any better.

I did read some parts of the original “The Lawyer and Me.” Can’t remember the author name, but it was okay.

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Does anyone have the link or the name of the author to the story. I was reading it and now I can’t find it :open_mouth:

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