DISCUSSION: The Oval Affair by Jalissa

So I’m going back to my roots by reading stories on the app now. I started reading The Oval Affair by Jalissa, and I do like it so far. I think the plot of the story is good. I don’t think it’s super cliche, but it is a unique story. What do you guys think of the story if you’ve read it?

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It’s okay for me.I don’t like the idea of an affair though.Having read her story forever young i expected something different i guess,but it’s too soom to tell.I have hope for the story to transform into something good!


I would not like my story up for discussion on the forums. I avoid the fourms at all cost due to the bullying and harassment that goes on here. Briana if you would like to discuss my story feel free to comment on any of my post on my instagram page not a public place where people can criticize and judge. Have a blessed day darling.

@Jeremy I would appreciate if you closed this topic thank you.





I am so sorry. My intentions are to not harass or bully you as an author. I just wanted to have a discussion about your great story, but I respect your wishes.

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Thanks, dear :heart:No problem.

So I guess this thread has to close now. @Jeremy could you close this thread?

Closed as per Op request :peace_symbol: