Discussion: The overuse of the word psycho

Yeah. It’s just weird how people trivialise words that it gets thrown around like hot cakes.

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Psychopath is when you lack emotions of things like guilt and shame or just emotions like that. But it means you’re born with it. Sociopath is when you aren’t born with it but maybe you lived somewhere in like a rough neighborhood and so now it’s like this…
So yeah, if you’re a psychopath, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to go around murdering people…it just means that you lack emotions. And people can actually look at someone’s brain to see if they are a psychopath. Sooooo…yeah.

Overused a lot.


Ahem! Get ready, cause this might be long.

Let’s play a game. When I say a word, what’s the first image that comes to your head? Ready, set, go. Pyschopath.
Now, don’t feel guilty or ashamed if some creepy guy covered in blood with a knife popped into your head. It’s not your fault for defaulting to this stereotype- it’s media’s, for hammering that idea into your head over and over again. Just because that’s the first image you see, it doesn’t mean you think all psychopaths are evil.

Psychopathy. It’s not the desire to kill people. It’s not the root of all evil. It’s a genuine personality disorder. A genuine disorder, an ‘illness’, you could say, like depression or anxiety or anorexia. Now, as stigmatised as mental illnesses are, you don’t really hear people insulting each other saying, ‘You’re a freaking anxious person!1!1!1!1!’ So why does this happen with psychopathy?

Psychopathy is a personality disorder. It can vary in severity. Some may have psychopathic traits, in fact, a lot of us probably do have some psychopathic traits without realising it, but that doesn’t make us psychopaths. Worrying is a symptom of anxiety, but not everyone who worries has anxiety. It’s classified as a clinically anti-social behaviour disorder. Psychopathic people will have impaired, sometimes/rarely no empathy and remorse. This is not because they are cold hearted, inhumane people. It’s because they have a mental disorder, one of many in the world.

A side note: psychosis can be different from psychopathy. Psychosis can be present in people suffering from schizophrenia, and it really pisses me off when people call schizophrenic people psychopaths as an insult. Firstly, schizophrenic does not equal psychopath. And it hits close to home. I don’t have schizophrenia but have met several sweet people with it, and as a result of depression, have experienced psychosis (hallucinations, paranoia etc.)

Psychopaths, or people with psychopathic traits, are a lot more common than you think. Studies show that there is probably at least one psychopath, undiagnosed or diagnosed, in every other workplace. And you’re alive, aren’t you? You don’t find some dead body on your office floor in the morning, with a creepy note, right?

Most psychopaths are not murderers, nor have an abnormal desire to hurt someone. I say abnormal because come on, when have any of you never wanted to just hurt someone out of anger? It’s nothing to be ashamed of, people. That’s anger for ya.

Media says that psychopaths = murderers. Why? Because a couple of murderers happen to be one. Stupid, right? Yes, psychopathy and other such things may make people more likely to commit crime. But does that mean they will? No. Say, a couple of black people decided to kill a bunch of random people. Are you now going to go around saying that all black people are murderers? I sure hope not. It’s the same thing. Black people can’t help being black (not that it’s a bad thing, of course) just as psychopaths cannot help having a mental disorder.

So think before you call someone a psycho. Think of those psychopaths out there who hate themselves. Who wish they weren’t psychopathic, who get ridiculed on a daily basis. Think of those people who wouldn’t hurt a fly despite media’s brutal representation of them.


Syntax, context, and relevency change over time.

Now there are different words & phrases for these things.

It’s only natural.

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