Discussion: The Path of Writing

So, over the years writing has been hard for me. I’ve gotten better and better at it, but I can’t help but tear each page of my writing apart until I have nothing left, and move onto another project.
Then, I found something I enjoyed. I have always loved creepy pastas- or just horror stories in general. Then I tried writing my own short horror stories. I found that much easier and natural to me than trying to write a 60 page novel.
I feel like this is just the beginning of a journey.

This is a really general topic- but what was your “path” and where are you on your writing journey?


Congratulations! I still haven’t really found my place in writing yet but i’m still very happy for you!

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I’m still learning my place. I just know that horror writing is more fun and easier!

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I do love writing mystery/action although i’m not very good at it yeet! :joy::sparkling_heart:

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