Discussion: The Rockstar Next Door



So, as a few of you may know, a new story was just added to the featured section titled, The Rockstar Next Door, and I would like to see what everyone’s opinions on the story are.


The story description is:
Being new in college is already difficult for you, but what happens when your favorite rockstar becomes your neighbor?

As always, please keep the discussion and debate civil. No major arguments over if you like or dislike the story, and please be respectful of others opinions.

Now, let’s see what everyone thinks:


Is this a featured story? On my app it only shows up as community


Hm, it’s on the front page of the app, and the cover art definitely looks like It’s a featured story. It doesn’t give out gems, however, so I’m not really sure, not that you bring it up.


It’s not on my front page, but maybe I’m behind on an update or something? I only found it from searching the title


What device do you have? Also, what does the cover art display as? I notice that episode often changes the cover art when they add it to the main page.


Android and it’s the same cover as what you have posted


Well, I have an iPhone, so maybe there’s a delay? Not sure.


On my device it shows as Episode. (iPad)
This was a community story which has been made into a featured story so maybe there is a delay or maybe it’s a test?

It’s not the kind of story that I usually read, but the author is lovely and I’m happy that she’s featured :slight_smile:


Sometimes Episode does test runs on stories to see if they get enough interest and reader retention for them to seem worth featuring or not.
My husband got “It Starts with a Bra” weeks before I did :joy:
And apparently my friend had The Baby Project for ages before I ever saw it.


I just saw this a bit earlier. The author’s name is Kayla, BTW.


The author is Regina.
Her IG is regina_episode


Oops, got no idea why i said that. Anyways it looks a bit interesting so I might play it.


I’ve got it now too. Guess it’s properly featured! Congrats to her.


Playing it now.
Chptr 3 so far
Its mediocore the MC is annoying(and seems dumb) and everyone yells too much but well continue this after i finish all 10 chapters.


Agreed. The only noteworthy thing is probably the stage/crowd scenes and zooms; everything else is a bit…fast.


Okay, okay. I just can’t handle how … immature this story is. Not exactly how the author wrote it as, but in general just that. It’s also the first Episode Featured to have direct ‘ogling’ scenes. Earlier on this thread, someone mentioned how much the MC is annoying, and I agree. Along with Tyler, the two seem to be the most loose-goosey, wish-washy characters I’ve read so far.
Not to mention, the whole “let’s-join-Drama-only-based-on-some-guys-Jayden-and-Grayson’s-word-despite-haven’t-been-interested-or-good-before”.


So freaking true.


Loving this story!
Love a hot bad boy rockstar :purple_heart:
Great job episode .


They butchered another one of my favorite community stories :frowning: first it was Recently Royal now this