Discussion: The Upside of Falling (or Evolving from Episode)

I wasn’t sure how to categorise it as, but this seems fine so far.

For people who are unaware, @alexlight is going to publish The Upside of Falling next year. I haven’t read this on Wattpad yet, but I’ve read its predecessor Rivals (as well as Rivals 2, its sequel/spin-off). It was one of the first stories I’ve read on Episode, so it brings me good memories.

One of the points is however that it is very rare (to me at least) for anything created in Episode to have an impact in the outside world, apart from other writing platforms such as Wattpad and Chapters. I mean, considering Episode’s reputation as of yet, it seems to be more-or-less unlikely, so this is pretty awesome to me.

Feel free to talk about this story TUoF and/or the hypothetical situations of getting your work from Episode to beyond…


this is such a sweet post, thank you so much! :kissing_heart:


You’re welcome :clap:

I’ve read it on Wattpad, and I loved it! I’m going to see if I can buy the book next year.


Same, they’re literally one of the first stories I read, ah the memories :joy: :sunglasses: :rose:


I know right? Being a noob at Episode at the time (and probably starting to get familiar with the Writers Portal) I was amazed at how Becca changed her hair and made that fire scene lol.


Kind of a prompt: Have you ever wondered about releasing your Episode works into the real world?


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