Discussion: there's something strange happening with Episode

Before I start, please do not participate in this discussion if you want to be hateful/disrespectful.

In the past year or so, Episode has come out with new rules or new systems, etc. that only damaged the app and infuriated the community. I don’t remember the specific order, but first, they started taking an eternity to approve bg/overlays, which makes it harder for authors to publish as regularly as they want to and as quickly, since most of the time, their episodes are done, but approvals are all that’s left. Second, the new ranking system they made that completely unbalanced the rankings and enhanced rumors about them not wanting to pay authors as much. And third, the new rule on not being able to share edited bgs/overlays, which makes years of hard work (by editors) go to waste.

I don’t know what’s happening, but I feel like Episode are doing the same as youtube rewind 2018. I know I’ve said this on another thread before, but it feels like Episode is starting to do the same promoting – what they want to be famous and not giving the community what they really want, while pretending that is in fact what the community wants – that youtube did. Same goes for the repetitive featured/original stories they keep coming out with. I don’t know what they’re trying to do, but I love Episode so much and it’s starting to really make me doubt their intentions now. Maybe their well-intentioned, but they keep repeating the same mistakes. I don’t know what to believe anymore. And it’s even starting to create a fuss in the community, because now small authors/users are starting to go against big authors.

What do you think?

EDIT: Concerning the “new rule”, I think this post made below by @Clover-Ross should be read:

I think it has an explanation for a lot and there’s a good lesson to take from this post, so please give it your most well-intentioned attention. Thank you :slight_smile:

Another post to read made below by @EliseC (same goes for her):

Also, thanks for informing and correcting me @kheyrwrites


I do want to make it clear that I mean no disrespect towards Cleo OR Mette :slight_smile:

It’s episode/pocket gems and their company decisions that I am frustrated with.


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I agree. Everyone has the right to have their own opinions and especially explain why they think the way they do (if they want to). Honestly, I don’t understand why people get so worked up over “hatred” to authors. Before you attack me, hear me out. Episode is an InTeRaCtIvE and public app, right? That means that if you publish something, you’re bound to get hate at some point anyway because people will be people. The same with like Instagram and stuff because when you post something you are agreeing to the possibility of receiving hate. This is the real world, people, and the real world is tough. Now, whether or not people were actually hating on the author if this story, I do not know. However, I do know that “her moment being ruined” should not be based on whether she feels hated on, but on whether or not she can recognize that her accomplishment goes beyond anything anyone thinks. Boom, quote me on anything, it’s my birthday, so I ain’t scared (with that being said please don’t come at me tomorrow :sweat:)


I suggest you check out this discussion:

And from then on (mostly Mette’s and QueenIvy’s replies).
We came to the conclusion (me and queenivy) that we misunderstood Mette’s instagram story. And I think I’ve mislead others into that too. I’ll be editing that out right on.

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Still, you have good points. :slight_smile:

Oh ok. Thanks, I will check it out!

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people are worked up because apparently we’re not supposed to have opinions.The groupthink is strong in this community.


Yup, well said.

I do feel a little disappointed with the current things of Episode.


Again, it’s not a new “rule”.

My bad. I do recall seeing something about it being illegal, so is it a law? If it’s not a rule, then what is it?

I’m not sure if I understand your question, but yes it is part of their copyright laws if that’s what you’re asking.


I’m just asking to what I should edit this part if it’s wrong, I’d like to make it right and not spread a wrong information or start rumors.

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Ah, I see. Just wanted to clarify that it is not a new rule and has always been there. There seems to be this misconception going around that this is a new rule, Episode is imposing because they are “against” the community. I’m sure you can find some way to edit this in!

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I don’t get it. If it isn’t new, why are people complaining about it just now (and respecting it just now)?

People are now complaining because there is an email circulating. I personally cannot say what exactly Episode’s reasonings are for the sudden need to impose this, but I can say that I do know for a fact that this was addressed several times in their TOS. Liz has also attached this in her thread. Would you like a link?


Of course!

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@writingspirit explains this very well here:

And here is Liz’s original thread:


I think the issue actually comes down to communication.
If that really has been the rule since the beginning, then why ignore it for so long? They knew that people were sharing edited background on drives and even followed some of these creators. I’d be extremely surprised if they didn’t know about episodelife.com where plenty of creators had their backgrounds on display.
Why only enforce this two years later? Why not nip it in the bud earlier on?

This isn’t just backgrounds. In general, I feel like Episode has some pretty poor communication skills. There have been several times where an issue has popped up that could easily be addressed (e.g how the contest winners are determined) and it either goes unanswered or it takes almost a year for some sort of reply.

As for the rankings issue, I’m still convinced that that was a glitch, and not a way to “cheat” people out of income lol.