Discussion : Things That Causes You to Lose Your Marbles!

Hey, so I’m still kind of pissed off by how episode official stories still manage to include badboys, mean girls and ‘tough MC’, it made me lose my marbles EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Now I’m curious, what can cause you to lose your marbles! comment down below and let’s chat!

REMEMBER this isn’t trash-talking anyone’s story BUT we’re here to share out opinions on what we HATE in episode stories! :smiley:


ink being discontinued


stories being discontinued is the worst lmao


u right

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MC falling in love with their kidnapper.


thats so messed up like wtf

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I’m surprised this hasn’t said yet -

“I’m sorry that my episode isn’t very long…”
“I promise they will get longer…”
“This is a pilot episode, they get better, I promise…”

I was guilty of this at one point in time, but now I know instead of typing up a scene apologizing, I should type an extra scene or two.


EXACTLYY, if they think its short or they’re not on deadline, u shouldnt publish it yet. unless u reeaaally have thing that’s waaay important😩

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I guess I’m a jerk then. HA! I write the chapters the length I want. Sometimes they are minimum requirement… sometimes they are triple to quadruple the requirement. Meh, depends on how much info is given in the chapters. (I don’t give in to whiners) :rofl::sweat_smile::joy:


but it does get annoying when the author promises more to come but nothin’s comingD:

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Something that bugs me is when I think I’m reading a fantasy, horror, mystery, or a sci-fi and it turns out to be a romance with a little sci fi in the background rather than a sci fi with a little romance in the background. The fantasy shelf is especially saturated with romance. I don’t mind a romance subplot, but if I’m browsing the fantasy shelf, it’s generally not because I want a story where every episode is centered around the Mc drooling over some dude.


I agree with not making promises you can’t keep. Thats why I don’t promise them anything in regards to length…lol


ikr they shouldve put it in the romance section if all its about is mc drooling over people r smthg

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same lmao

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This is kinda long: Beware

The bad boy who we’re forced to love.
Sorry bad boy, I don’t love you.

Sassy, rude MC’s who everybody says is strong and badass when really they’re just rude.
It’s not strong, it’s called having a huge ego and rude attitude.

The mean girl is always blonde, white and rich.
Why? Does being blonde and having money have some kind of curse to make you a mean girl?

The sassy black girl who’s thrown in for fake diversity.
Stop it! Not all black girls are sassy.

The gay best friend who loves bright colours, florals and probably speaks in a high-pitched voice.
Does liking these things make you gay? Does being gay make you do these? No.

Christians being portrayed as bigots who don’t support LGBTQIA+
Pfft! Lies! Many Christians are and support LGBTQIA+

Stories where the first episode is just customisation.
I find this boring to read.

Muslims portrayed inappropriately when wearing the hijab.
Why am I seeing so many stories with people wearing crop tops and shorts with a hijab?

“I’m nOt LiKe ThE oThEr GiRlS!”
Yes, yes you are.

MC’s who don’t stand up for themselves and transform for the sake of the LI.
No, you should never change for the sake of others.

Stories that glorify abuse/gangs/rape etc.
Just no. These are dangerous and aren’t meant to be portrayed as romantic.

Chosen ones who get everything good in life and are loved by everybody and heroically save the day.
What about the rejected ones? The chosen one not everybody loves?

The mean girl who’s only goal, hobby and talent is to ruin the MC’s life and relationship with the bad boy.
Is this girl even a human? When was the last time you met somebody who was obsessed with ruining one random person’s life?

These are just my dislikes and I’m not trying to criticise any authors stories.


i can relate omg, literally the mc tryna be strong whatsoever but ended up being straight up RUDEE

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YUP. I think a lot of people purposely mis-label their romances as other genres to get better rankings because there is SO much romance to compete with.

Either that, or people think “romance” can only have a real-world setting, and if there is a dragon in the background of the setting, that makes it fantasy. But if the PLOT is romance, they should be clear that is what the story’s really about.


Exactly. Personally to me, a strong MC is somebody who can be kind and nice, but stands up for her beliefs and rights.


and ohh, blond girls cough mean girls tryna steal the boy, like. wtf, why u have to steal bad boy when theres tons of other popular kids💁🏽‍♀️


I agree with a lot of your post… some not so much…
Particularly “THE CHOSEN ONE” bit… I personally love those !! :two_hearts::purple_heart::green_heart::two_hearts::orange_heart::yellow_heart::two_hearts:

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