DISCUSSION: Thoughts on the new mature app idea

I have like 4 stories planned out and saved on my computer and I’m waiting for the new app announcement and release. Share your thoughts and ideas on how this new app is gonna be, freely. What do you think the guidelines are gonna be? What’s gonna be allowed and what not? What about nudity and sexual scenes or language? What do you think the age limit is going to be? You think it’s gonna be Limelight or they are going to create a new style? What else would you want or not, to see?


remember its just an idea. it may not happen.

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I actually think making a mature app is so stupid, but it’s because I think it’s stupid that I plan to write stories on it too :woozy_face:

It will probably be whatever Moments or Chapters guidelines are I guess, since they’re known to be “mature”. But I think with Episode’s cinematic way of directing, there will probably be some guidelines about what can and can’t be animated. I imagine you can’t direct full on cartoon porn for example.

17+. There’s no higher rating.

I think they’ll probably use all existing styles and just basically duplicate the portal we have now.

Well I don’t like the layout of the current app do I’d like to see that part changed.

Liz confirmed they’re developing it


I think it’s a good idea…as long as I can have guns on my cover. Not all stories have happy frickin woopdie doo endings flippin trottin in sunflower patches and skipping thru the trees in the forest! So I’m waiting for this amazing thing to happen so that I can write a normal story where I don’t have to use stupid words to cover up my “bad words”
Age limit maybe 16+ and I hope using all styles I mean if they forget about classic tehee I’m fine


Firstly if they end up making the app I’ll be happy. Rating this app 18+ or 16+ will allow Episode to no longer be responsible for minors.

What do you think the guidelines are gonna be?

The same but they will just allow more things to be written.

What’s gonna be allowed and what not? What about nudity and sexual scenes or language?

I don’t think nudity will be allowed by maybe they will allow you to show before and after intercourse has taken place. I hope they don’t allow it to be described through text tho. :face_vomiting:

What do you think the age limit is going to be?

Probs 16 and up since I’m sure they won’t have any explicit things on the app.

You think it’s gonna be Limelight or they are going to create a new style? What else would you want or not, to see?

We got ink in 2014-2015 and then limelight in 2017 so I wouldn’t be surprised if we got a new style at the end of this year or 2020. I have theory that those characters on the website banner are the new character style lol.


What do you think the guidelines are gonna be?
Probably just going to be no promotion of hate speech, no promotion of drugs/murder things like that
What’s gonna be allowed and what not?
They are probably gonna have more leniency when it comes to intimate scenes and swearing
What do you think the age limit is going to be?
Most likely 17+ could be 16+
You think it’s gonna be Limelight or they are going to create a new style?
I’d hope not, because then it will mean we will have to wait for even more content when it’s time for updates
What else would you want or not, to see?
Well for one what I DON’T want to see are stories filled with sex scenes, that’s not my cup of tea. I feel like tasteless stories that are in the app now will be even worse

With that being said I do think that since good writers have less limitations they will be able to tell their stories the way they really want. I’m really excited about it


Hahahhahaa yeah, pretty much.

I agree with basically everything you said.

Yeah, I think it will need to just be narration. I wonder how censoring on a mature app would work. Would Episode need to check every story before it’s published? I mean, I know things slip through the cracks now, but with an app marketed as “mature”, I’m guessing people are going to be bolder in what they publish?


Couldn’t agree more!!!


Much more lenient but no nekkid gyrating bodies.

I’m pretty sure everything that wasn’t allowed on the original app will be allowed here except for romanticizing certain things and explicit depictions of sex.

I hope strong language can be uncensored, or at least light swears. Censoring ass is just dumb. And my answer to the nudity question is above.

Probably 17+ or 16+

Hopefully it’s Ink

Lots of steamy sex scenes since I’m a perv/freak :smirk: sorry not sorry


It’ll be nice to have a mature app. Now the people who have been angsty 'bout the restrictions of the guidelines can expand their ideas on there. But in all honesty, good writers can work under restrictions nonetheless.


I really believe deciding to go through with the mature app idea is actually one of their worst decisions and could end up being a waste of time and money for them - mostly because what the people writing there would use it for is mainly sexual content. To keep the platform within Apple guidelines for a 17+ rating, they would have to review what is basically erotica all day long to even make a dent in upkeep duties.

Anyone remember Wattpad After Dark? That was an app just for “steamy romances,” their words, and Wattpad has since removed it from the store entirely. I could see the same thing happening with this. I feel like people underestimate how much income Episode probably gets from parents paying for their kids to have more passes or gems.

It would have to be 17+ since that is Apple’s highest age rating on the app store.

I think they’ll probably take the portal system they have currently and essentially just duplicate it for a mature app.

Personally, one of my biggest complaints about a mature app is that romanticization of all kinds of things would make their way in.

For an example of what I mean: people have been really awful, all over IG and the forums both, about the new consent guidelines. And when people are relentlessly mocking something that is simply “hey, make it clear that any adults involved are consenting + if you’re going to address assault, don’t have someone assaulted on-screen?” Those same people aren’t mature enough for a mature app.

I’d like to hope Episode would include guidelines to prevent this kind of thing from spiraling out of control from the get-go.


I love the idea of the mature app although I would prefer there to be a mature section added into the episode app… I have a few stories which I want to write or have already started to write on the portal… They’re mafia/gang related, I enjoy reading mature content…

I would hope the guidelines would allow us more freedom to write what we want to write, and how we want to write…

I do hope we would still be able to write on the portal as it is and just have it so we can choose which app it is published on, once you first publish…

With the style I would hope they’ll at least keep LL not too fussed with INK though, but I feel like they may have a new style coming up…

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That is so an Amber thing to say.

Anyways, I don’t think I’m immediately attached to the mature app, but it’s good to know an option’s open.


In general, a mature app isn’t a bad idea. It just depends on how the app will look like. Will we have the same directing options as here or will the app only available in Spotlight (like Chapters)? Will the mature app have a new style or the same style as here (Limelight, INK and Classic)? (just rhetorical questions)

Even though the app may be 17+, there will be certain rules that aren’t allowed, for example, romanticisation of certain topics but I think that we’ll have more freedom in writing.

We’ll see if Episode will create a mature app. :grin:



The new app is a complete shitshow

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