Discussion thread - Cliche's, issues and other tea



No drama, just a place to get stuff off you’re chest


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I killed my goldfish Mr. Bubbles…


Hectic stuff dude - did you have a send off


That was in a story my hectic ness is me falling off my bed and stubbing my toe…

but I love your topic idea


I’m wheezing coz just as you said that I turned over and fell off my bed
and thannnkkks :blush:



Depression is a bitch.


I’m about to say it


I don’t care that you broke your elbow.


Wanna talk about it :yellow_heart: I can relate :yellow_heart::sparkles:


Ouch dude that burned - like right from my heart to my broken elbow


Um, I self-harm, have negative thoughts, thought about running away from home once, tried to commit suicide twice by overdosing on ibuprofen and failed miserably, unfortunately…


Have you tried talking to someone (if you have no one my private dms are always free💛)


Yeah, some people.


what did they say?


Well, the Samaritans group are really helping me. @theother51 has helped too, a lot. I have a PM with her. @Cam said some really nice things to me. There’s a few more, even @Shani_Theo pitched in…


When did it all start (if you don’t mind me asking)


Like… March. Or February…


I mean like what triggered it


A fight I had with a family member.


How are you doing now? I’m sorry I sound like a therapist, but I understand what you’re feeling and I know it sucks, but pain is never permanent and things will get better