Discussion Thread: Let's agree upon what stories we need in Episode and the ones we just hate!

Let’s just have a discussion. What do you want to see in episode; stories, themes, edits, directing, character styles. What don’t you want to see in episode? Anything that really irritates you in a story? Anything you wish there were more of? Best stories and Authors? Any story topics that are wrong and shouldn’t exist? What do you feel about author appearances? How about art scenes and splashes? Share your thoughts, ideas, and opinions here!


I want to see more fantasy stories not about werewolves. Heroes and villains, elves, dragons, entirely new species! It’s always ‘my hot alpha mate saved me from my abusive pack :((((’
Nothing against well written werewolf stories, I just wish there was more variety. One thing I do like though is when the supporting casts in stories have their own lives and backstories! Like, in a lot of Episodes they’re just there to interact with the MC, not each other. I love it when it goes into the lives of the background characters!


I’m personally fine with author appearances either at the end of the story or after a long-waited update. Really uses the personal touch effectively.


Closed as these topics have been discussed in multiple threads that are still open. Please do a search of the forums before creating new topics, or these duplicates will be closed. :smiley: