DISCUSSION : Thriller Contest 👻

@TheTurtleTrainer started a Dirty Dancing thread, and I loved the idea enough to remake a thread for the Thriller Contest.

Are you looking forward to those spooky-short stories? Are you planning on joining, give us a status update?


I’m not really big on thrillers, since they often border on scary, but! This sort of genre always results in a couple’a murder mysteries, and who doesn’t love those?? I’m excited to see the entries pour in this time around; it’s good that we’re back to more inclusive contests. :grinning: The ones with broad prompts are always the best. Never know what people’re gonna write about.


Not planning on entering, because it’s not my genre, but I’m excited to see a contest where all the entries must be completed!


:raising_hand_woman: I’m entering!

Well… at least I plan on it.
Initially I was planning on four (shorter-than-my-usual) episodes) but after doing a bit more planning today, I think I’m going to end up with five long ones :roll_eyes:
I also initially planned on two endings and now it looks like five :rofl:
I’m currently making backgrounds and haven’t started writing so… we’ll see. But I completely plan on entering ahha

I love this theme! I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.


Did EliseC just announce another story in which I will kill off every character I’ve ever loved? :crazy_face:

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Spoiler: You can die :slight_smile:

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And I will!


Yeah, I’ll join. After I get my 4 episodes of “Rest in Payback” published…

BTW, can a revenge story be a thriller?


I will try to join with supernatural thriller!


I want to join in but I haven’t come up with a killer (lol) idea yet. And I have to finish a huge sociology paper first. But I love thrillers so I’m gonna try to find some time for this.

I am planning on joining, though I’ve been known to get super salty when I loose, and kinda swore of contests sense the H&V.

However, I had this great horror idea and I was like yeah, I’ll join the halloween contest I sumbitted like 10 questionable backgrounds, and at least 15 blood overlays - (I’m legit surprised they were approved, especially the cover…)

Then - sighs deeply

It’s Thriller only. flips table

Lelmo, I’m flexible. So, I’ve already somewhat sabotaged myself from the start, so shrugs like whatever. I’ve already started my depression kit if my story gets taken down for being too gruesome. For example, I remember saying on the forums that spiders are super scary, and people were like, lelmao, no that’s to scary well, I decided to have some spiders eat some humans in my story, because spiders (haven’t decided if I want to do like 100 mini ones, or a few large ones…) eating humans induces the feeling of repulsion and fear, which is good for a horror story.


Are you still going to publish the story? Because I love these scary stories and I’d love to check it out :kissing_heart: :slightly_smiling_face:

Yep (unless I run out of time) , I’ll let the world know when it’s ready ^-^

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Mini Poll for those who are entering!
Referencing the judges definition of thriller here.

(If yours is more than one, pick the one that fits best)

  • Psychological Thriller
  • Crime Thriller
  • Mystery Thriller

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I prefer a good psychological thriller, but not as defined there. There are plenty of things that go on with the human mind that can be great thriller content without demonizing mental illnesses. The movie Before I Wake would be a solid example of that, since it deals with childhood trauma and dreams without going into “spooky scary mentally ill person” territory. I love seeing what writers can do with underutilized concepts in psychology!

If we’re sticking strictly to the definitions given in that post though, I’d have to say mystery thriller. Stories that keep me guessing the whole time? Yes, please.


tbh mine is kinda all…

I’m entering, it’s my first thriller story and I’m really excited, I’ve done the first chapter and it’s going really well. It’s called Thriller: Hawthorn Lake and it’s about a series of murders in a small American town.


I like just realized the due date is barely over a month away.


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I’m seeing people finishing their second episodes and I’m barely halfway through my first :weary:

im still revising my first episode… and we still got a month left :slight_smile:

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