DISCUSSION : Thriller Contest 👻


1) What entries have you enjoyed. (no self promotion please).
I have read quite a few entries, both from bigger named authors as well as stories that have very few reads.
Over the past few days, I have been focusing on stories with less than 100 reads.
One of these hidden gems is Thriller: Asylum by Rosalind

2) What about those stories made them stand out from the rest?
I like the stories that keep me engaged and filled with twists, but not too predictable, which is difficult for me because I’m always expecting the unexpected.

3) Have you noticed any familiar trends in this contest?
Noticing quite a few of someone or something is out to get the MC.

4) How many stories do you think will be on the shelf?
Hopefully 9 and not 6 like stated above.


I’ll admit to only have read one entry so far, as I’m really behind on typing my other stories. I was planning on reading a few during my flight, but rip Wifi wasn’t free. gah. So I will be able to answer the rest when I read a few.

I do think there will be 9, I’m hoping for 12. I think there was 12 last year? While 12 does seem too many, all the stories are complete (or should be) and the amount of entries…


There were only 6 last year for Haunted.
I guess I should have clarified that I’m hoping for at least 9 as I felt that 6 wasn’t enough. I did feel that 15 for Star Power was too many though so 9-12 I think is a good amount.


Ah that’s the contest with plenty of winners XD


Question (for a friend).
If Episode contacts you because your contest entry violates TOS guidelines and tells you to change things, are you disqualified or not?
Do they tell you when they contact you to change things because they violate guidelines that you have been disqualified?
Just wondering… for a friend.


I’m not 100% sure on this.
I know of people in the past who were made to change things and still won, but that was over a year ago. Things may have changed since then.
Could your friend possibly ask in her email?


Good idea

  1. I haven’t read too many, but have really enjoyed Ghostwriter and The Disappearance of Olivia Thatcher.

  2. Uh, I actually think episode length has stood out for me. I think a lot of other stories have super short episodes which could have been because of the time frame to write an entire story. Also great directing!

  3. Multiple endings is a big trend. So is use of overlays, especially blood, knife and shadow ones. Also, I’ve found most to be big on the mystery side of thrillers - like you have to figure out who’s out to get you.

  4. I actually think there will only be 6 :woman_shrugging:


I think I’ve read (or at least checked out) over 75% of the entries. My goal is to have read everything that ends up on the shelf before it’s announced :rofl:

Does anyone have any recommendations with <500 reads?


New Phone by Renee
Shattered by Tiaré
Where’s Joanne? by Cora Mae Jones
The Man in the River by Cordelia


I believe they’re actually all on my list :grin: so now I know which ones to check out first!
I literally added nearly every single entry to my favourites so scrolling through is a pain in the butt lol especially as my other favourites are all mixed in.


I had to stop doing that since it was getting me overwhelmed, so now I just search them :joy:


Hahahaha. How many more entries have you got to go before you’ve read them all? You might actually read more than the judges do


No idea :sweat_smile: but I just did a quick count and I believe I’ve read around 40 entries (or at least checked them out). Out of all the entries I’ve read so far, I’d say I’ve completed over 80% of them, maybe more. There’s only been a couple where I’ve had to stop.

Edit: Maybe my 75% estimate earlier was a bit optimistic :sweat_smile:. I wonder how many entries there are? Some of them don’t seem to come up when I just search for “thriller”.


So - because this is closing, and I don’t think my data charts will go with the next topic I’ll post them here.

I track my reads after I publish a story for the first thirty days. I’ve done this for now two stories, Bad to the Bone and Prophesying Lies. Note, I’m only 17ish days into my Prof Lies.

This ^ - is Bad to the Bone. My biggest ‘spike’ was between 463-545 reads on the 22nd-23rd. Between Day 8/9, Amepisode posted my story on her page, and I had a spike. Between 10/11 Nis.writes posted my story on her page, and I had a spike. I was publishing every weds as well, and it’s likely that helped with the spikes. I was also tagged a few times for recommendations.

Now, this is ^ Prof Lies. At this point I’ve been featured once, and there’s a large jump at the beginning due to Dedicated Readers. After that it a steady flow without many spikes. Also note, I was in the horror genre for like the first 24 hours. However, unlike my Bad to the Bone, I was not mentioned in any ‘Recommend’ posts. I was tagged on a few instagram stories, but not nearly to the extend of BttB.


@Sydney_H you may close this



Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: