DISCUSSION : Thriller Contest 👻


Does anyone know when we have to publish them exactly for the reader engagement to count? I know they have a due date of 11:59 on Sept. 30th, but I’ve seen people state for previous contests that if you publish too early, they don’t count those reads or w/e.


Yeah, reader retention isn’t counted until after the deadline so it’s considered to be best to publish as close to the deadline as possible.


Thanks for answering doll! <3


Thriller: Detenu is complete and I cannot wait to publish it on September 30th!

Every ten years, the underground city of Sarvana sends five prisoners to the surface to see if it is inhabitable. In three hundred years, no one has returned.

Choice between male or female main character
Choices matter.
Multiple Endings.

Trailers available on my IG

Lots of choices

I’m so anxious. I’m scared that I won’t publish it on time… :cold_sweat: :sweat:


I’m in the same boat lol.
I’m stuck on episode 3, have zero motivation and still have another episode (with multiple endings) to go.


I just started my first episode 2 weeks ago… scared :cold_sweat:


You’re still on episode 1?
How many episodes do you have planned in total?



Ah. So you have two weeks to write four episodes? It’s doable depending on your writing style, but I know I personally wouldn’t make it lol. Have you at least submitted all your overlays?


Yup. I just have to submit my splashes… I don’t want to rush the story, either…


I have been trying to finish chapter 1 of my story for weeks. I literally just haven’t had the time to work on it. I’m trying to get as much done as I can this week. I’m only doing 3 episodes though, so I think it’s doable.


That’s how I feel too. At this rate I even if I do finish in time, I’ll be pushing the deadline and won’t really have time to edit/check/clean it up.


I hate it when this happens. My OCD/perfectionism wants to take over in times like these. It says, “This has to be this way…


9 :skull: Days :skull: Left

Still on Episode 2 of 3

I think . . . I am going to need to do some old nighters to catch up . . .

or cut scenes out

rip life


I’m still on episode 1 I don’t think I can do it :sob:


I’ve just started episode 4 (of 4) but I still I’ll be cutting it close plus I need to go back and clean up the earlier episodes lol. I’m also not entirely sure how I feel about the whole thing so I’m hoping it all comes together in this episode :rofl::upside_down_face:


I’m finished mine but I have a love/hate relationship with it :rofl:


I just finished all directing on the first episode, but my god it was a monster to direct. I have the other two roughly written down without all the overlays and spot placements, but I’m not feeling optimistic about the time that’s left. Next week will be intense. :thinking:


Three episodes planned or more?
Have you nearly finished episode 1 and how long does an episode take for you? You do have 1.5 weeks left so depending on your writing speed, it could be doable?