Hey guys.
Just straight up, what is your opinion on tiktok?
& what are/is ur favourite trend & why?


It’s really fun to watch, I only watch tik toks on Youtube and Pinterest tho. I like the ones I can relate too, its harmless and fun entertainment.


some arent harmless :sob::joy:

I really like going on TikTok when I’m bored, they are just fun to watch. :joy:

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I like tiktok. I was first very against it I tought it’s bad but now I use it and it’s kinda fun. There are some good creators there.

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I recently made a tiktok for episode if anyone wanted to follow it its @epi.sode :grimacing: :upside_down_face:

I hate tik tok rn. I’m a cosplayer who basically does marvel kid ocs and its demanding.

It’s kind of stupid sometimes and you can’t talk about things communist China is doing on there.
But there’s good crap.

I like Tik Tok. It has some cringey stuff but there’s also some really funny stuff too.

I mean China does own the app so they would most likely take it down…

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No, I get it.
I just like trying to be a rebellious b*tch sometimes

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ahhh yes ive been waiting for this topic (:

i liked tiktok in late 2018 early 2019 (the “hit or miss, im already tracer” era) but now i feel like people are trying to hard to be funny