Discussion: To All the Boys I Loved Before (on Episode?)

I have thursdays and fridays off :sob: I got your message through :slight_smile: Plagiarism / Fanfiction isn’t allowed on Episode. I tend to go hunting in the harry potter/vampire dairies/ percy jackson/ect tags every once in a while


How many of these kinds of stories are out there?

Anyways, thank you for your help in this situation.

Just wondering, how do you contact an author with a story which violated guidelines?

Have you tried sending the author a message through fanmail? You could warn them through that. Someone wrote fanfic so I did that, but sadly, I didn’t get a response back. Although, it doesn’t hurt to try :black_heart:

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I feel kinda bad for it. I didn’t, and her story is already removed.

Oh lol, I’m so freaking disorientated :dizzy_face:

Well for future reference, maybe warn the author through fanmail and tell them to check out the guidelines :smiley:

Also, good luck with your story :smile:

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Well, lesson learnt :tired_face::joy:

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Lol, they need to have giant red letters that say “NO FANFICTION” on Episode 'cause there’s a lot :joy:



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Hey ParkLow_G,

There’s always fanfiction to be weeded out so I certainly do appreciate the help when I’m private messaged with these reports. :slight_smile:

As far as offending authors, we send an email to the address that they’ve linked to their Episode accounts when we need to contact or notify them. :mailbox_with_mail:



Okay, thank you for clarifying.

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Lmao is this story literally copying the story word for word? Or is it a spin-off that’s inspired by the plot?

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?? :smile:

This one, specifically, seems to be the story word for word, with basic animations. It’s so awkward because there are a lot of scenes of Lara Jean’s internal monologues with the characters standing around.

And there are a few more stories like this, based/taken from the book

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I think if you write a fanfiction of a story, you’re fine (you’ll never qualify for the writer’s payments but it’s still acceptable), but if it’s literally the exact plot of the book transcribed into an Episode story, that’s when it’s not okay.
Hope this helps!

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Using any intellectual property is not allowed actually :frowning:


Oh wow I had no idea! I’ve just seen so many fan fictions on the app I assumed it was okay. Thank you so much for letting me know :heart:


All the stories are gone now if you search for it. I think @Tyler took care of it


Yeah, would be appropriate to close this. @Sydney_H?