Discussion: Top Authors

I know that this topic could be highly debatable because different people have different opinions about top authors in the Episode community. I don’t have an issue with top authors, but I do feel like they could be a bit extra. What I mean is, they gain more privileges in the Episode platform than regular authors. I just have mixed feelings about this. I want to see how you guys feel about this.

Are you talking about privileges from the Episode company or the community? It makes sense from a business standpoint. In any community creator-based platform, if you’re popular, that means more people are consuming your stuff, and Episode is a business and naturally wants more people consuming their products. Thus, they reward those who attract the most consumers, in order for the creators to keep producing stories on their platform and attracting the readers. It works like this in similar platforms like Youtube, Wattpad. I don’t have a problem with it because that’s just business, but obviously Episode should still support all their authors, especially since with how big they are right now, promoting smaller authors wouldn’t be all too risky. They’ve been making great steps with the weekly shelves. :slight_smile:



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