DISCUSSION: Turn off's & on's in Episode stories

Hey everyone! I just wanted to make this topic because I was curious to know what the communities turn off’s & on’s are in Episode stories. Although no one probably cares, I thought I’d share some of mine.


  • Lack of diversity.
    I know, it sounds extremely typical but in all honest this is one of my biggest turn offs ever in Episode stories. If a story consists of white, cis, straight characters ONLY I will click off in an instant. Even if it’s a small problem to others, it’s a huge problem to me.

  • Your typical cliches.
    You guessed it! The typical cliches; bad boys, teacher & student, gang leader… If I’m being honest, I honestly don’t have a HUGE problem with cliche stories…but if the dialogue is unbelievably bad, cringy, corny, and the the story has no real plot to it, I’ll click out in a heartbeat.

  • TOO much narrator dialogue.
    Unless a story is made with the Spotlight style, over excessive narrator dialogue is a major turn off for me. You can move characters around and make them do animations for a reason, so when people don’t take advantage of that, again, I’ll click out real fast.

  • Bad directing.
    Okay this may sound mean and I promise I’m not trying to be mean at all, but when directing in a story is painfully bad, (i.e huge characters, small characters, laggy animations etc.) I can’t really get into the story and enjoy it all that much. It may sound weird, but I absolutely require decent directing for me to even finish a story.


  • Good storylines.
    I absolutely LOVE me a story with a good storyline, even if the storyline isn’t necessarily original. If a story has a plot of gold, (that was bad, real bad, sorry lol.) 99.9% of the time I’ll finish it.

  • Good directing.
    This isn’t necessarily something that’ll make me want to finish a story, but when stories have good directing it’s a major turn on for me. I just feel like it’s more intriguing that way, and that I can get into the story more.

  • Diversity!!
    Again, this isn’t something that will make me want to finish a story, but diversity in stories are ALWAYS a nice plus. Just adds a lil more realism into the story.

I definitely have more turn ons and turn offs, but those are just the few I could name as of now. But I’d love to hear what you guys think! <3

much luv bbies xox


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