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Okay, i’m making another discussion forum bc I was thinking of my shishtar and thought to make this

Sooo episode had this I guess it was a good story, I mean that’s what my sister said. But you probably know it it’s something like “Faking my Own Death”? And so one day my sister is so mad because episode turned it into a diamond story. She was so mad and never finished btw because me and my sister rarely decide to read diamond stories.

Sooo I was wondering what is your opinion on episode changing “good” stories into diamond stories?

My opinion
**I mean they probably ask the author or I don’t even know half of how that happens, maybe even the author does it themselves but still I just get angry bc of this because i’ve said this before and i’ll say it again. Diamond choices are hard for you to press, because you have 30 diamonds, the choice is 25 diamonds. You press have 5 left and never do a diamond choice again bc you don’t have enough diamonds. It literally takes me SO LONG just to have enough diamonds for ONE choice. SOooo not my thing, and Ik episode only does this for the MONEY but stilll_

Comment your opinion

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Well the way I see it, gem choices don’t really matter to me seeing how the story ends the same way regardless. I usually dont read stories with gem choices unless im trying to get gems from reading it. This is why i like to stick to non-featured creator stories, but i do get kind of bummed when stories i like start adding gem choices in.


actually there is some stories there dont.

i have also stoppet reading diamond stories. even thought i can afford it i fell like money are spend better els where.

I stopped reading gem choices stories long ago. It’s just not worth it, and imI’m not going to pay for it. I know they give you 1 diamond after each episodes, but if I’m not going to use gems then I don’t need tp collect them, plus most of the gem choices stories aren’t very good anyway.


Yeas some don’t do you any good. Like what am I getting, using 20 diamonds just for someone to ask me if they are a goood person.

The example is from a youtuber Kennedy Walsh but idk which story

Same here when Demi Lovato stories came out. I stopped.


I think if a story has a gem choice, and the gem choice is for something that the reader can still get the best ending without buying it, then the author has every right to include it. Essentially, I think gem choices are fine, because they give authors a better chance of getting paid for their work.
Hope that helps!

Personally, I don’t think an author should hand over their story to the Episode platform because (1) you don’t have any say so on when you can release new episodes, and (2) Episode changes it up a bit by incorporating diamond choices in it. I wouldn’t let Episode own a story that I thought off, put effort into it, and wrote it before they knew about it. I HATE diamond choices because it’s a loosing situation. Yes, you use diamonds to make great choices in an episode, but you loose money over it; you have to buy them. I don’t like that at all… Just saying.


I don’t think we have to worry with Episode taking our stories because since we have unique stories we’re good because episode only seems to snatch cliches

I’m going to have gem choices in my story, but I think Episode Featured stories use them wrong.

@ShanniiWrites has a great article on how to use them right! She really helped me understand gems!


I have to agree with you on that because it’s kind of weird that they only take away cliche stories from authors. I don’t know why.

Was the story called “Faking Death”? Cause I’ve read that story, but it’s been sooooooo long (the author hasn’t updated in forever) so idk what’s going on there.