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So I have a question.
If Vampires and the undead don’t live why do they eat?

In episode stories with vampires they always suck blood. But if they are dead why do they eat? And more importantly can they eat? If they eat wouldn’t they need to digest? Ahem another weird question Sometimes I’ll see a story in which you get pregnant by a vampire. How does that work? If they are dead then they would have no reproductive system…
Does anyone else wonder about this?


I suspect the drinking blood to have energy, because vampires have power to say, and without blood they are weak, and can not use their powers. they are dead but still they need energy like us.
but I do not know about it, I’m not an expert :woman_shrugging::two_hearts:


I mean, they love to spread their legs in any way possible. :rofl:

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:face_vomiting: ew no :joy:

In the past vampires weren’t considered to drink blood instead stole life essence from people.
To me that just make sense :thinking:
Because if blood is there source of energy Aka food. Wouldn’t they have to excrete waste?

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I dont know exacly… :thinking: but like i said i’m not a expert :joy:

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lol I was curious cause I got a book on the history of fairytales and folklore. And also cause I ask myself this a lot

I’ve heard one version where they need the blood because they don’t have any in their bodies…? :thinking: Kind of like how zombies will eat brains because they don’t have any for themselves. But then that depends on what type of virus is affecting them and how it works, which is kind of a discussion for another thread. :grin:

But maybe vampires weren’t always undead to begin with, so it made sense for them to drink blood; then once the myth morphed into them being undead, the blood-drinking thing got left in because it’s creepy. :vampire: :ghost:


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