DISCUSSION: Unfair Judging/etc in art contests (rant kinda)

I’m not sure I’m posting this on the right place, But I’m just gonna say it anyway

I love art but I’m honestly not very good at it, So I just visit different art contests and view the different entries

I’ve went through a lot of contests, closed ones included (as I don’t join anyway) and I always notice something, The winners are always, popular artists (opinion >) But the other contestant’s entries are honestly, Better

This happens all the time, The contest’s host don’t even reply to the smaller artists’ entries, While they would say things like “OMG why are you soooo talented?” to the more popular artists’ entries (opinion >) When i honestly think that their art skills are the same level

Or when the hosts reply to the smaller artists it would be just “ty for entering” while again, Compliments like “omg gurllll that is soooo good!!” are given to the more popular ones

It’s disappointing, I’m kind of glad that I don’t join art contests, It’s so disappointing and discouraging

It makes the artist discouraged

They’d feel like they already lost before the results are even out

Also in palette contests, The easier palettes are given to the more popular artists, While the really hard ones are given to the smaller artists

I’m not trying to target anyone with this post, it’s just my opinion, and I really just wanted to let my disappointment out, Sorry if you feel offended


wait… are you talking about art contests on insta? or just in general?

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In general

okie dokie

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Welcome to reality, baby. A huge amount of art critique is based on the pre-establishment of the artist themselves, not necessarily the art in question.

For example, we have two identical pieces of art, one made by an established guru of his craft and the other by a fresh beginner. More often than not critics find more flaws with the beginner’s work because it’s expected of them while the sub-par doodlings of a professional are complete and utter genius.


welp you summed it up pretty nicely

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Years of experience in the field, my friend.

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a lot of those artists know each other and deserve that because of how much effort and time they’ve put into art. the artist chose to enter a contest knowing other talented artists would join. these kind of things don’t affect you in the long run, so why be hurt? i’ve seen every artist reply to a contest entry. so what if it’s not as a detailed compliment? i guess i see your point but at the same time, they deserve every compliment they get.


True af :sleepy:

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That wasn’t what I was trying to say, Smaller artists also put a lot of effort into their work too, Just because their new to uploading art on the forums doesn’t mean they’re not as good as the others, And just because they aren’t friends/dont know the host doesn’t mean they’re not as good as the more popular artists, Because they know the host doesn’t mean they’re any better than the others, that’ll kinda sound like favoritism (in my opinion) (Not sure if I got your comment right but I hope your not offended)


i never said they weren’t. i said the artists that get more detailed thank you’s and compliments when entering have been doing art longer, therefore knowing more artists. they have connections. you can’t just expect to be praised for entering anything when you put time into it, it’s not harsh. i’m not being harsh, either. their art skills aren’t on the same level, as insulting as that sounds. yes, they’re very talented, but they’re certain aspects in an art piece that make it more enjoyable and pleasing to look at.


I don’t get your reply but I’ll try to understand, Do you mean that more popular artists are better than the smaller ones?

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no lmao. i’ve never said that. i don’t think i even said the word popular in there. what i did say was ;

do you want me to explain what i meant? because all i’m saying is they have put more time into this, which clearly means that they know more people and deserve recognition. we all have different levels of talent and that shouldn’t be an insult to anyone.


For most popular artists and editors are experienced also… Even if it what’s up with it? It’s their contest also and you know that as you join it. No one’s obligated to comment on people’s entry. They don’t have to if they don’t want to. What would be the point of complimenting if everyone got a “OMG AMAZING ENTRY” it wouldn’t be special. Also imagine having to reply to nearly 40+posts. You said it always happens <— uh no trust me I’ve seen some who commented on everyone’s >•<

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A lot of people do this on the forums because they give their friends the prizes. Honestly it’s rlly annoying :v:t4:


Second reality of art: nepotism.


Yes you didn’t, I just didn’t get it, I still don’t fully get what you’re trying to say, But we’re you trying to say that they’ve been doing art/posting art on the forums longer and that they know more artists/people??

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Yeah :disappointed:

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True, can’t with these big artist always picking their friends :woozy_face:


From what I’ve gathered, she believes a certain element of circle jerking is required in order to be successful and accepted as an artist in your own right.

Personally, I disagree.