DISCUSSION: Unrequited, & Unrightfully Deleted Stories in General

Hi all,

This happened around one and a half months ago, but I’ve decided to bring it up again. One of my all time favorite stories, Unrequited By Fluffy Rice was deleted after a review from Episode.

For a more detailed explanation of the events, check out the author’s posts on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fluffyrice.episode/?hl=en

It was a romcom, now, I’m very picky about stories, specifically romance, I really look for well-written romance and relationship development. Unrequited hit all those notes for me, plus I’ve read the author’s other story(ies) and enjoyed it as well. It was a wholesome story dang it! It was Male MC, funny, well-written, well coded, great plot & characters, great development, it was just so GOOD! The author herself and her story is amazing. (She’s one of my favorite authors, can you tell?)

Then it got removed.
More detailed: https://www.instagram.com/p/B5bLNnfF_Ua/
“I have received an e-mail from the Episode Review Team that my story has violated the Terms of Service and because of the severity of the violations, it has been removed and cannot be reinstated. I believe the outcome of this situation was poorly managed as the reviewer left lazy comments which lacked proper explanation.” - Fluffy Rice on Instagram.

I didn’t even get to read the new released episode before it got removed, dangnamit! I just want Julian & Olivia back, AAAAAAAAA.


Anyways, the author has since decided to move on, and is working on a new story! HOORAY! If the author sees this, I’m sorry for bringing up Unrequited again after a month, but I’m still mad at Episode. I’m using Unrequited as an example to (hopefully) start a discussion about (in my opinion) unrightfully deleted stories. (The new guidelines are truly a pain.) This is a reason why I’m worried about publishing my own stories on this platform. I know could just go on Ivy, the new mature app, but I feel like it’s just being promoted as erotica, and will be majority wise, erotic romance, while my story is about mental health and deeper subjects.

Just. Why, Episode, why.

Comment below any other stories?


cough COUGH. Episode!


I remember this, Fluffy was so upset about this, and I think she’s still writing now after a while from this, but I’m not so sure if she is still writing… Episode really need to start giving more explanations as to why our stories are being deleted, sure if it goes against guideline BUT AT LEAST give us time to edit our mistakes, of course people have jobs, life, etc to deal with so we’re going to need more than just couple days to edit, give us a month maybe. Episode please get it together, authors don’t really want their stories to be taken down, all of that hard work right there, wasted, gone. Come on…

I haven’t read her story, but if the content seems a bit 18+ which is sure most likely to be on Ivy, which I hope it will be out soon for all device types, etc. And now Episode app need to be PG-13 at least tell us what need to be edited or like what shouldn’t be shown so we won’t have our stories deleted.


I also remember seeing something about a story named My Psycho getting taken down? I don’t know a lot about it, I’ve never read it, but I heard the author was really heartbroken, I mean, who wouldn’t after their hard work coding, writing, designing etc.

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I remember reading this story and it was so cute and hilarious! I felt bad for Julian’s constant friend zone aha. When it was no longer on the app, I was sad to hear Olivia & Julian were gone. ;_; It was unfair to the author as the story was heartwarming and it didn’t deserve to be removed like that. :sleepy: :pleading_face:


Episode really out here breaking hearts. :pensive: :facepunch:t2:


What?!? I loved that story, I would read it every time it was updated, that’s why I couldn’t find it. I was in love with that story, I would recommend when I could. :confounded::confounded::confounded:


Bumpity bump-

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I remember the story getting deleted for a dumba** reason— (I think it was flashbacks? I might be wrong don’t quote me on that :speak_no_evil:) and I was just so surprised because this was one of the most innocent stories and it being deleted was the thing I expected the least in this community.

Episode needs to give authors time to explain themselves before completely removing their story, seriously.


Really? Flashbacks? Woah, I had no idea why it was deleted but at least I have an idea of why, even if the flashbacks werne’t the actual reason. Episode, ya need some milk.

Me screaming at Episode for removing an innocent, wholesome story, and taking my Julian & Olivia away from me:

Episode watching the community go on strike & Chain Reaction just chillin’:
image image


It’s just a speculation, but I remember her saying that it was also in her other story (which got featured, and they were fine with it) so I’m guessing flashbacks lol.

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