DISCUSSION: uploading our own music

Hey guys!
I have been thinking about this for MONTHS now and I really need to know your thoughts or even Episode thoughts. It could be really cool if we can upload our own music into the portal.
I know a lot of you will say that it could be easily be a copyright of the song like on Instagram that sometimes doesn’t let people post something with a certain music. But just think about it, some music (that are not Episode’s music) are more relevant to a certain type of scene that we could create. A lot of authors like me listen to music while writing on Episode and some of the songs that we listen to are much likely to fit with the scene we are working on.
Yes, some songs have really bad swear words in it but if Episode makes a category like the background or the overlay category when we can upload our own stuff and wait for hours/days to get approved. Episode could take away the ‘swear words’ and make it possible to be put into a story. Before anyone says anything, I haven’t seen any topics on this yet so if someone made this before me, please feel free to send me the link with already an answer to this.

Btw my story on Episode is My Freedom by AZN (me obviously) as your girl needs some reads lol (don’t get it wrong, I write bc I like it, not for reads but I’m really struggling lately to get them). With the new rank thingy, it’s harder for us, authors. (this is NOT the main topic of this so please don’t talk about it).

Comment your thoughts below, it’s okay to disagree, I will not judge you and NO ONE should.


Yesssss, I agree with you!


I really hope that this could be possible! :pray:

I think it’s a good idea, since I’d like more sounds and music that fit a particular scene.

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I feel the exact same! But I don’t think Episode will listen to this as they already don’t listen to us at all.

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Yeah true😅, I’m sure if everyone uses royalty free music (I think that’s what it’s called) and sounds it shouldn’t be a problem. They could implement something similar to Facebook or Instagram when it comes to copyright.

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Yes that could be such a great idea!!

I like your idea - putting your specific choice of music for a scene really sets the mood and can convey exactly what message you are trying to send. I think almost all authors have their own playlists that they listen to while writing, and some even have songs designated to specific scenes. To be able to do this would be amazing!

However, Episode won’t ever do it. Copyright is a major pain, and they’d have to ask permission for each individual song they use. Plus, songs that are longer than, say, 30 secs can really clog up the script and make things sluggish, which is why all their music is clips or just sounds that can be put on repeat forever. The editing is also a good idea - most songs have ‘radio edits’ that replace cuss words with other like-sounding but less offensive words. The issue is with a site like this, the team is going to look at what is worth spending time on, as time is money. I would imagine, unless they are willing to fork out the money to hire someone specifically to work on buying rights and editing songs, they are just going to focus on what 100% of users will want to use, like more backgrounds and outfit choices. No one has the same taste in music, so to satisfy the masses, they would need to get the copyrights to lots of different songs.

What I HOPE happens is they greatly expand their music choices. There are TONS of great artists that have really good free to use music for visual novels, so I don’t imagine there is to much trouble finding someone to find these for them for a reasonable price.

You could always make a splash for the beginning or the end of the chapter with a playlist of songs for the chapter, or you could do a NARRATOR box with the song name when you would put the song in. Also, you could do a youtube video with a replay of your story with the music inserted there (though that might be copyrighted to. Artists are funny like that. >.>), but other than that, I think we’re stuck with the limit selection unfortunately. :cry:

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I agree with the fact that Episode will not do it but for a different reason. Episode have loads of money and most of us know it. Hiring someone to do the job won’t be a problem. Money isn’t a problem for them. They pay Authors, they get money with their stories AND with featured stories. They get money with ppl that buys gems and passes. The problem will be that they never listen to us. They never listen to our problems (e.g. the system issue).
For a long time now, they only do what’s good for them and not what’s good for the ppl that make them famous. So if they don’t even listen for a big issue, why would they listen to a little thing like this one?

But if one day they actually think that it could be a good idea to upload our own music, of course putting only 30 seconds of the song and it repeat won’t be a problem. It will be a lot fo work bc, as you said, everyone has different taste. What they could do, is featuring with famous artists like Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato and more to add to their music. In that case, it’ll not be a copyright and we will be able to finally have more music to put into our stories. But I don’t think this will happen any time soon.

Closed since this isn’t formatted properly for a request and is also a duplicate. Refer to FEATURE: Using own music! to show support for this request. :slight_smile: