DISCUSSION: Using Foul Language

This may sound weird, but this is just me; I don’t use any foul language or curse words. It’s kind of abnormal for a teenager to not say and curse words in today’s society. I simply don’t like foul language or curse words because it makes no sense to me. Why would you call someone the “A” word when that means donkey? Or the “B” word when that means a female dog? I don’t get it.

What are your thoughts on using foul language? Do you curse?


I don’t curse at all, but you know people they don’t think about that and they have their own definitions for those words


It can be unnecessary at times but eh. I don’t mind it. As long as it’s not continuous. I curse. :woman_shrugging:t5: If you don’t curse, that’s fine. Better than how I am. :joy:


Eh at the start of freshman year I would not have one bad word exit my mouth, but my friend dared me and offered to give me a dollar if I did and now Ik it’s not right but I curse a lot at times especially when I’m mad or excited I don’t curse all the time like drinking water. To me they’re just words unless you’re using it to hurt someone then naw I couldn’t do that. Unless I was venting to someone else.


I curse alot actually, I think its stupid how you have to reach a certain age just to be able to say a few words :woman_shrugging:


lol 70% of the time I am cursing.
Idk why I do it :woman_shrugging:t4:


i did not either. thanks jackseptickeye for the fackt i beging to do it.

but i grew up with a who curse all the time and live in a country where we dont really care about curse words. and i think its diffrent from person.my nephew he used the f word all the time. and my niece( they dont have same parents) reperment me for using it

newphew is seven and niece is eight

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I just talk through cursing so, oops. I mean I honestly just like the way it sounds and the way it shocks people when I say stuff like that. I mean it’s also just a good way to emphasize your point.


Honestly same, except I am a freshman and I curse almost 24/7…


For some odd reason same I curse with an accent for some reason and my whole tone just changes and it’s hilarious :joy:


I’m a junior now and curse at times like there’s no tomorrow I’m pretty chill with it just trying to be careful around teachers :joy:


Omg same! Sometimes if I really get into it I sound British?!


I know people who use it as their everyday language. Every word that comes out of their mouths is a curse word… I don’t get it. Curse words aren’t your only vocabulary.

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When I’m mad and like deeply triggered I sound southern yet ghetto from my area it’s really entertaining until I start clapping :joy::clap:t5:

Also I love British accents


I’m 13 and I do curse, but not uncontrollably to the point where I can’t stop and I usually just use it when I’m mad or annoyed like “i’m so fucking annoyed” or sometimes I’d be like “it’s so fucking hot/cold” I don’t find it bad, like @Chocolate_Mama said they’re just words so I don’t think it’s terrible to curse but sometimes it hurts people’s feelings? But again, if you get hurt when someone calls you a bitch it’s kind of stupid. I don’t whore and hoe though because that can actually cause stuff.


Obviously it’s not the only words in my vocabulary but I just think it’s fun to curse. I mean honestly I do it so much that I just kind of use it subconsciously. I mean hey, cursing is not for everyone and I get that. But I do it just because it’s fun for me!

I don’t understand why people call other a “hoe” when that is a planting tool lol… You’re basically calling that person a planting tool. I personally find that word offensive and disrespectful.


I curse and I probably cursed numerous times on the forums (but blur it)… I only curse around my friends and don’t really say it that often… maybe a lot in my head though. However, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to say unless you’re degrading others.


Same but since me and all my friends have dark humor we joke around and sometimes they may call me one and I’d call them something back or just laugh or shrug it off but I don’t appreciate being called that if it’s like someone really trying to start mess

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I actually swear quite a lot, here we don’t really care much for curse words, we aren’t that polite in Sweden lol. Idk it just comes naturally, I’ve always been kinda foul mouthed and so have all of my friends :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2: